Friday, March 9, 2012

Finding sewing machines in an airport??

TGIF?? For us retirees, a Friday is as good as a Monday. For me, though, this weekend is special. My dh Mark and I decided to go out of town for the weekend, up to our Sunriver retreat. We even flew and got up here in little more than an hour. Sure beats the 9 hour drive.

Anyway, at San Francisco Airport, I was so pleasantly surprised to find a Needlework/Sewing Machine exhibit on display at the United terminal. They had a fabulous array of really old machines and other sewing related items.  I was able to snag a picture of a display of several machines:

When my darling grandson Ryan was staying with us earlier this week, he loved getting up really early because he enjoys hanging out with his papa.  (Did I mention that his pack n play is set up in my CLOSET?  Very cozy)... He was up so early that he couldn't stay awake on our drive up to his baby sitter's.

What is everyone working on this weekend? Did you do your Sow-a-long blocks yet?? I'm going to try to tackle the Feathered Star for the Just Takes 2 quilt. I have a paper pieced version I'm going to use... I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I love that block but OMG...lots of work.

I'm thinking of a bonus block for our Sow-a-Long, so keep watching!!

Love to you all,
Randy, chief Sower!!


  1. Randy, Have a great weekend!!! I finished my blocks this morning!!! Such fun! Looking forward to the bonus block!!


  2. You FLEW! This explains things better when you said yesterday you were going for the weekend..I thought....they are driving ALL NIGHT!? or they will get there at MIDNIGHT?!

    Great sewing machine display --- very cool! I'm feeling better and I think I'll work on my sow along blocks too :c)


  3. Have a grt time ,,,,,,,,,,,,waiting for new instructions,,,,working on charity blocks,,,,,my first at piercing, lolol,,,,,,unlike yours is soooooo complicated im sure,,,,,,

  4. Will you be able to see the Northern Lights tonight? I am so jealous of everyone who is within the viewing area--like my daughter in Moscow, ID. We are in the "slight chance" area for viewing.
    I worked late into the night on my sow-along blocks. Hoping to finish up today, along with a table runner per request of said daughter for her birthday. : )
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I hope that sewing machine display is still there when I'm in San Fran in April.

  6. Finished my blocks yesterday (eager? me?). Have a great weekend!

  7. Blocks are all finished. I LOVE them! You know you are enjoying a project when you have to "pet" the blocks every time you walk by the table that they are on...LOL! Thanks and have a great weekend....

  8. My blocks will be finished by this weekend. They are so cute. I look forward to the possibility of a bonus block. No pressure! :0) Thanks so much for the cutting directions.

  9. I'm working on them and trying to decide whether or not to add the handle to the basket. it does take me a little longer since I am doing two colorways. Now I'm gonna have to do a bunch on my own since you have narrowed down how many blocks you are going to do.
    Have you already completed a quilt with Farmer's wife blocks?

    Have a great weekend, almost 40 here today :0)
    happy Sewing

  10. Have a great week end. Hoping to get going on those blocks this week. Hope. Maybe.