Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Book - which I needed like you-know-what and bonus block!

Don't ya just love getting new books? I'm such a sucker for a new book. As if I needed any.
But I read about one coming out on Amazon called Civil War Legacies, by Carol Hopkins.  I pre-ordered it and couldn't wait to get right into it once it arrived this week (another advantage of NOT being in Barcelona!).

I love this book.  It has great quilts, photos and instructions.  The blocks are, for the most part, small-ish...4-1/2", which is cute but not within my current plans.

So I resized the block Papa's Birds to 6" and am giving you instructions for that block to add to your sow-a-long pile!  It's kind of a bonus block...

Medium:      cut (2) 2-1/2" squares (my pink)

Medium:     cut (1) 3" squares for hsts, need (2), fin at 2" (pink)
background cut (1) 3" squares for hsts,  fin at 2"

Background cut (2) 3" squares for hsts, need (4), fin at 2"
Dark           cut (2) 3" squares for hsts,  fin at 2" (brown)

Background cut (1) 2-1/2" square

It's almost like a basket. I think it's kind of cute and hope you like it.

Hope you are having a great week.

Bonus block is programmed to post tomorrow morning!! (hint: think STARS)

Love to you all,


  1. I preordered that book, too, Randy, and mine still hasn't arrived. I got home today and there were two Amazon boxes on my doorstep. I was excited until I saw that they were both for my son. : (
    Hey that bonus block is a LOT like a basket. Thanks, I love it! People are going to stop reading my posts. It seems all I ever make lately is baskets. : )

  2. Ha, ha and I just caught up with my blocks and even finished the %##@%!!! Just takes two block.
    Oh my goodness! okay back to the cutting board :0)
    thanks Randy and Happy sewing

  3. Is that a double pink you used? I just love those. Very cute block.

  4. I really like that block randy!! Is that from the new book?

  5. love this block, thanks! i can't wait to get that new book, of course I had to order it!!!!

    sorry about your trip....

  6. thanks Randy, I have completed all to date (and some more than were called for at this time). Can't help it with type A personality. Thank you so much for the bonus blocks. If you want to have a gander at my assortment here is the link.

  7. Love love LOVE that book! I bought it as soon as it came out. I've got some 6" bird blocks in my future too - all the fabrics are picked out and bagged for after the Bonnie Hunter mystery this winter.