Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, the best laid plans don't always work out...

So much for me crossing an ocean. I didn't even get to go on a bridge.
We did not go on our trip.
Rather than try to guess where we were going, how about taking a guess on why we did not get on the plane and why I'm home tonight? Let me give a hint: it's not life-threatening!

Love to you all,
Randy, actually happy to be sleeping in my own bed


  1. Too many passengers for the number of places in the plane ? Or maybe yo had all your quilts in your luggage and it was too heavy to take off (LOL)...
    Have a peaceful night

  2. Did you have the wrong date.... ?

  3. What a bummer!! Did someone get sick?


  4. Something was wrong with the plane?

  5. I'm guessing someone got sick, I can't think of any other reason to cancel a trip, or an emergency at work came up they wouldn't let your husband take off from work.

  6. Someone forgot to order the tickets? {{Don't laugh ... that happened to us once ... each thought the other had it covered ~ WRONG!}} Turned out to be a GREAT stay-at-home-when-everyone-thought-you-were-gone-vacation!

  7. Sorry your trip got cancelled. I would guess someone got sick. Hope all is well (relatively speaking).
    I have a second guess, a parental emergency?

  8. Did your passport expire?
    It happened to me once :0(.
    So sorry you're not traveling right now,
    will you get to reschedule?

    Happy Sewing

  9. Your passport wasn't totally expired but you had less than two months before it did! That happened to a co-worker who was on a pleasure trip with his son. Son't passport was OK but his was about to expire. After trying to renew in New York he gave up and returned to Wisconsin. Red tape galore. You gotta love it.