Friday, April 5, 2013

More from Victoria & Albert Museum

This museum is so great that we went back again today. I'm so glad because I found this whole cloth hand quilted beauty from the 1300s in amazing shape!!


  1. Wow that's some incredible quilting!!

  2. OMG, I'm heading to England in Sept and the V & A is on my "must see" list. Love the floors,

  3. How amazing!
    Sounds like a lovely trip, did you get to go on the big eye
    ferris wheel while there?

    Happy Sewing,

  4. I don't know how you pulled yourself away from there. Fantastic.

  5. wow, thank you for this post-I have a couple of days in London at the end of the month, I may need a visit to the V&A on my excurtion list!

  6. When I was in London 3 years ago I almost didn't visit the V&A but saw an advert in the tube for a quilt exhibit that was going on there (!) so I had to go see that. I only spent one day there but could easily have spent 2 or 3 days on all the exhibits. One interesting thing in the quilt exhibit that was being shown there was that there were quilts done by Navy men from the 1700s - 1800s from all sorts of "found" materials - wool, cotton, twill and whatever they could find on board.