Saturday, April 20, 2013

My darlings!

We have had Ryan and Emma for a couple of weekends!! Lucky us!
The weather today was very warm do we took off most of their clothes!!


  1. I've been wondering how you were doing. Looks like you are keeping busy with precious cargo! : )

  2. Oh The family resemblance is wonderful. They are growing up so quickly, haha as all little ones seem to do. We just came back from babysitting our twenty one month old little boy twins. Oh wow, now I know why God has young ones to be parents. we had a blast though.

  3. Nothing cuter than nearly naked babies! They look adorable. I bet all of you are having fun.

  4. They are ADORABLE ... growing up so fast. The smile on Emma's face is such pure, unadulterated joy ... ENJOY!!

  5. Oh lucky you! Enjoy that warm sunshine......still in the 50's here in coastal NC.....Hey our house closed yesterday!!!! Oh happy day!

    Enjoy those grandbabies and Happy Spring