Monday, August 24, 2015

Found pillar print

Well I must admit I found it online and got a yard. No idea what I'll do with it but I can now cross that block off my to-do list from the Stars in a Time Warp list!!
Still have no clue about faded dyed print so will make something up. Vbg


  1. Seriously, you bought a yard? I will be interested to see how you incorporate it into another project. : )

  2. I'm sure you will find where to include it in a quilt !!
    Lovely star Randy !

  3. You sound like a woman on a mission and I think you will succeed

  4. Nice one too! I can't wait for the Di Ford collection to come to Busy Thimble as it has a few pillar prints in it. I love the dark background with yours. Lovely.