Thursday, August 27, 2015

Turkey red day

Today is a first for me! I'm doing the Stars in a Time Warp on time!! I drove up to our cabin in Oregon a few days before my family so I have some sewing time! Woohoo!!

This week's block is using an older turkey red. I wouldn't know an older one from
a newer one, really, so I played around with what I have. Mind you, my stash here in Oregon is pretty limited. Here are two different versions, very different from each other. 

I'll call this normal. 

This one is the odd ball and I definitely like it better!  There was a sample on Barbara Brackman's blog that used different points so I decided to give it a try. I love this flag fabric, and cut up every piece out of this 5" square. 

Hope to get lots done! Will take a break and meet Lori ( for lunch tomorrow!  I tried to get her to come sew with me for a day but poor thing has too much going on these days.


  1. Cute blocks! Looking forward to our lunch date!!

  2. Love that second star, especially! I have some of that flag fabric, and I think I saw some at Cyndi's last week, too.
    Have a nice lunch, you two.

  3. I like your scrappy Red Star! Give Lori a BIG hug for me! Glad you can get some sew time in before your family comes.

  4. Good for you, that second one is spunky. I loved meeting Lori in Portland earlier this month!

  5. Love them! Have to agree that the quirky second block is my favorite too. So glad Lori will be able to take a break and you two can have some fun together. Happy stitching!

  6. Love your stars !! They are both sooo pretty !!
    I hope you will go to lunch with Lori !