Monday, August 17, 2015

Stars in a time warp catch up

I seem to always fall behind in this project and then try to catch up by making several blocks at once.

I also have decided that I don't have to religiously follow the color recommendations and guidelines. I don't always have the exact fabric described in the blog posts and have agonized over trying to comply. I am going to do it as I want rather than worry about strict compliance. It's my quilt afterall!!  Aren't you proud of me??!!!

The easiest one I can do is the toile. I have lots of it and just love that fabric. Most of mine has come from trips to Paris. 

I had trouble finding lapis blue fabric so went with a navy/red instead. I'm thinking of using this navy in a larger quilt I'm doing with my friends in Wisconsin but that's for another blog post. 

I also am using this for the floral trails fabric. I love this fabric and actually found the fq in a large bundle I bought several years ago at quilt market. 

I'm still trying to find a pillar print and wood block print or something close. I'll keep looking!

By the way, I make my flying geese using the Open Gate Fit to be Geese ruler. I love using it and find my blocks are super accurate and use the least amount of fabric. I highly recommend it!


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous. I'm starstruck!

  2. These are your stars and it will be be your quilt ! So I guess you can choose the fabrics you prefer !
    Love your stars with the Toile of Jouy....they are beautiful !

  3. I would rather make a bunch while I'm cutting. Keep stitching your Blocks. No pressure. Love your Toile.

  4. Pillar prints are eluding me too.

  5. There are no quilt police!! LOVING the toile in these blocks. I am a "sucker" for toile and paisley prints ... have tons in the stash. Where do you get that ruler? LOVE flying geese but hate to make them ... mine always are a little "wonky". This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Are those cherries on the red/white/blue block? I need some of that cherry fabric ...... Linda

  6. Oh I love your toile stars--toiles are one of my favorites, too. Will look up that ruler--I have never done anything by wonky-honky geese hahaha lol hugs,Julierose

  7. beautiful toile fabrics....i too have taken a bit of artistic license with regard to the prints suggested...but i do have toiles! your blocks are just wonderful!

  8. I am also very fond of toile fabrics. I especially like the one you used in the first star of this post.