Sunday, August 30, 2015

Faded dye star and new machine set up

I found some dull-ish fabrics which look sort of faded so I used them for my Star in a Time Warp!! Up to date am I, save for a few older ones I'm still struggling with. I didn't want this to be too normal now that I'm into the wonky stars!!

The colors photographed much brighter then they really are. Trust me:  they look faded. 

My dh arrived yesterday so he helped me move a desk from our other house (which has been sitting in the garage) Into my sewing room to try it out. I decided I could have two machines at my disposal this way; switch off between the 1080 and the 301. It isn't a sewing table at all but might work out. When we sold our other house, most all the furniture went with it. This desk was one of our favorites so we kept it. There's not really any place else for it. 
What do you think?

And on the other wall is my old Bernina 932 in the sew eazy table along with the treadle, which I used yesterday when the power went out!!  I'm not sure I'll leave them like this but for now, I can play with 4 different machines and I like that. 

I'm still trying to figure out the cutting table situation. I'm using an old kitchen cutting island which is much too small but works for now. 

No design wall yet. That'll come. I'm sharing the room with Emma and her crib so I might wait on the design wall until she gets into a bed. 

She just turned 3 so I doubt it'll be long now. 

Here she is with her "purse" and her nightgown that she won't take off! Note the dead California grass! 


  1. Four machines ready to use in one room? Sounds heavenly!
    My cutting table isn't a kitchen cart, but it is about the same size. No room for something bigger. Your sewing room sounds good-sized. Wonderful!

  2. Emma has certainly grown up! I love her outfit! I am always envious of any one with a sewing room. I see why you wanted to keep the desk.

  3. If the desk is the right height to sew then go for it. It is a handsome looking desk.

  4. What a cutie! Your granddaughter, that is! I also love the fabrics in the star block. It is really nice to have more than one machine ready so you can have different projects at them. I am quilting a large quilt now and set up my Featherweight to work on piecing as I don't want to just quilt all day long. 😜

  5. YEA! Now you're ready for Bonnie to come back to Sun River! 4 machines to play with.four friends.