Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A fun project

Again, being in between projects is always tough for me. I have been working on a swap, and some blocks for the trip around the world, and a small wall hanging for me to bring to Wisconsin next week. But I was looking for something a little more substantial.

I had bought a pattern last year at a quilt show for a bag. Who needs another bag? This was adorable in the sample. So I bought the kit and brought it with me up to Sunriver in case I needed a diversion. 

The directions were terrible! My fabric is going horizontal instead of vertical. I didn't have enough fabric for the bottom. The straps were supposed to be the same as the bottom but the instructions made them impossible to turn inside out so I abandoned them and used some fabric that I had, which I think is more fun anyway.

So now I am scouring my fabric stash, which is very limited, so I can make another one or two. Now that I have figured out the pattern I think I should be able to whip up another one or two pretty easily. I bought more fusible interfacing today just in case.

I still have more pictures to post from the quilt exhibit at the local quilt store. I better do it soon because she has a new exhibit starting now and there is a little party on Friday night that I hope to go to. 


  1. I always think you should be able to get a refund for poorly written patterns! How frustrating!

  2. ....sort of like making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!! In spite of your troubles your bag is wonderful and looks very useful. I'll look forward to seeing more of them! :-)

  3. YIKES! I have that exact fabric (was going to use for my niece who travels a lot) and those directions. Now I'm concerned about making it because of screwed up directions {{{sigh}}} Linda