Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quilt show in Madison

There's a big quilt show in Madison that I've wanted to go to for years. Finally managed it this year and I was not disappointed!! Coupled with a great visit with my sweet friends in Wisconsin, it was a perfect weekend!

Our first stop was Edwards Apple Orchard, where the tastings are amazing and the apples are the best!

That is Pat Riley, Rose Duel and Debbie Dodge.

The displays are just beautiful!

Need some jam?

Tools of the trade

Then there were the quilts in Madison!! Just great. 

Here are a few. 
Isn't this adorable!

I couldn't get the whole quilt in one Picture because there were so many people in front of it. I thought this was the nicest quilt in the entire show!

There were two quilts in the show that were based on Bonnie's patterns. I always love to take pictures for her to see that there are many quilters who finish her quilts and then put them in a show!

I am always so impressed with some people's appliqué. Isn't this amazing

There were an unusual number of quilts with feathered stars, one of my favorite blocks ever!
This woman collected green fabrics on a cross country trip with her husband. And that's something we all do?

I'm heading home today and will
post more pictures this week. 


  1. The apple farm looks like a very fun place to visit.
    Wonderful quilts from the show. Who else just posted the one that was your favorite? Now I need to go back and look for the post. They described some of the techniques used in it. Fascinating.
    Love the feathered stars. I've only ever made one huge one and one mini. I have a class this week from Marsha McCloskey, queen of the feathered star. But we are making the English Ivy block. I am doing her mini version, of course. : )
    Safe travels home, my friend.

  2. Great to see you...and again in a few weeks. Take care

  3. The apple orchard looks like a great place to visit. So many lovely quilts! The winter scene quilt looks amazing. The purple cow sure is cute!

  4. Looks so beautiful in WI. I remember the awesome visits we mde there, especially during the fall! Might need to remember that apple barn. Those quilts are fantastic! Love the cow--too cute. And the BEAUTIFUL two color feathered stars..the green is definitely my fav!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like a really great show! That winter scene is amazing!! The maker should submit it to "The most Beautuful Quilts" contest!! cheers!

  6. Looks like a wonderful show--love the Purple Cow!!

  7. Hi Randy!
    It was a nice show wasn't it? I don't know what day you were there but I would have liked to meet you and say hi in person. Maybe next time. :-)
    I had a Bonnie Hunter Lozenges in that show.

  8. Gorgeous quilts!! I do love the snow scene quilts. How in the world did she make those???

  9. Thanks for the fabulous eye candy. Those feathered stars are amazing and the machine quilting, Wowzers! Over the top fantastic.