Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stars and more quilt show photos

Today's block for the Stars in a Time Warp is based on a bronze-style print. I'm a bit limited here in Oregon but used what I had. 

I love that flag fabric, which I have in blue as well. Or had. I used it all up!

Here are some more California State Park quilts:

I love the different views from this one!

So realistic!!

California gold rush!

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of the featured quilter!

Central Oregon weather is definitely fall-like!! Down into the 30s tonight with a high in the 60s. I don't mind!


  1. Beautiful landscape quilts---Yours looks like dark chocolate--and why does everything remind me of food?? Hah!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend....hugs, Julierose

  2. I love those state park quilts--incredible!!
    Great looking bronze star. I have that flag fabric in a few colorways, and I know I saw it in Cyndi's shop, I just can't remember which colors she had.

  3. Your star looks great and I have to make mine !
    Thank you for the photos .... the quilts are amazing !

  4. Wow, what amazing quilts. I can't believe you have Wednesday's star done already! I need to get busy! I love that flag fabric too. I believe it was Barbara Brackman's Civil War Crossings line, but Cyndi would know for sure.