Thursday, September 17, 2015

New toy and Lori's sew along

I recently bought a Panasonic cordless iron through Massdrop, a way to buy things at a discount. I just opened the box last night and was going to wait to open it until my little iron died last night, coincidentally!!

So far I've been pleased with it. The only thing I don't like is that it can't stand up by itself. When not in use, it has to be in the power base. 

I've been using it to press my little 4-patches for Lori's mystery sewalong. 

Of course I had to do mine differently and am using brown and pink rather than blue and red. I like this color combination a lot. 

Next up today is the donation quilt using the pattern Yellow Brick Road. 

Hope to get it done today. I have this compelling need to do this. I'm not sure why. Tomorrow is Nana Day and we are going to have the kids all weekend. 


  1. I have the same iron and even though it took some getting used to putting it back in the charger each time I love it. I like your chocolate and strawberry combination on your four patches. Rina

  2. Looks like something from outer space.

  3. Hello Randy !
    Your QAL will be so beautiful with these colors !! Great work !

  4. I saw a lot of different irons at Quiltfest this week, but nothing like that!
    Are you doing the whole SAL in pink and brown, or are you just subbing those colors for the blue and red?

  5. Love the color combo of your quilt for Lori's SAL - I've done mine the same as her - I'm so unoriginal! LOL Afraid I've given up on buying new irons - I love the vintage ones I've found at thrift stores through the years - they're workhorses! Hope your new one is a goodie!

  6. I have a version of this iron but it the less expensive model. I chose it because it does have a flat bottom and can sit like a regular iron. Since it has to reheat in the base though...that's usually where I set it down. I love not having a cord attached. However, if I were ironing large amounts of fabric...your thrift store find would be the best at keeping it's heat for use.