Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lori's blocks and a Goodwill find

I worked on the blocks for Lori's little mystery. Of course I'm doing mine in pink and brown rather than blue and red!! What can I say??!! I like to be different!

I like it. 

And I stopped at a local Goodwill at the suggestion of a few people and found a very old and heavy iron for $5.99!!

For now it'll do. It gets very hot and I think it needs to be cleaned since it's a little rough. I'm still on the lookout for a new iron though. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll draw a winner tomorrow!

I also made another charity quilt this week. I know! It's shocking!!

This was another Yellow Brick Road pattern but I forgot to add the fifth row I had already sewn. Oh well. 

My only complaint is all the leftover scraps. So I cut everything into 3" squares, found some sashing fabric  and made new 4-patch blocks. I've yet to decide how to set them. 

I haven't liked any of my stash as larger sashing. I am thinking of a zig zag setting but need something for in between that'll pop. Maybe a bright green?
What do you think?


  1. That's pretty funny..Paulette over on her blog said she'd picked up an old iron as well after hers broke. I have 2 or 3 of them and they do work great. Just HEAVY!! But no steam and the nice pointy end make them perfect.

  2. LOVE the green background/sashing ... perfect!!

  3. Are you still using cheddar as the final color in your Country Roads, or are you subbing something else?
    I am doing two versions, it appears, since I couldn't narrow down my colors. One is red/green and the other is purple/green. Still stitching them up.
    Great find on the iron.
    The gren certainly does pop between your fun little blocks!

  4. I like your pink and brown. It didn't even enter my mind to use different colors than what Lori said! I love the green for the sashing! It will really be a bright quilt if you use it.

  5. Love the pink and brown. And congratulations on you find. Sunbeam made great irons so hope it works out. And I vote for the green sashing. Love it with all those brights.

  6. Look at you go Randy! That iron looks very heavy and great for pressing seams! Love the fact you are going in your own color wave with Lori's mystery quilt. And really love your leftovers quilt! That green looks pretty perfect to me?

  7. I love your blocks for the Lori's QAL !! Beautiful colors !
    And for me, the green backgroud is perfect ! ;)

  8. The Vermont Country Store sells an old-fashioned dry iron, that doesn't shut itself off, and is like the ones our mothers owned. Only about $30 too. Vermontcountrystore,com.

  9. Pink and brown as a combo is so lovely! Great choice. Love your new blocks with the poison green. They really pop on that fabric!

  10. Those blocks are very cute! Good use of leftovers!! Brava!