Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A new washer

Do you remember a few months ago when I posted about the broken washer in my rotary cutter? I found something at my local hardware store but the rotary cutter never worked very well. When I was at the expo show in Madison last weekend I came across an Olfa booth.

I explained my situation to the man working there and he pulled out a case filled with washers and gave me a new one. So now my rotary cutter is happy and working!

I finished last weeks star this morning and I'm really happy with the fabrics I chose. The theme was Cretonne and I think I nailed it. I actually bought this fabric in a little kit in Madison. I think it's gorgeous fabric!

I am determined to make a charity quilt for a local organization that takes care of children with cancer.  Anybody have any suggestions for a quick charity quilt pattern that you can recommend?


  1. Amazing what a little piece of metal can do to help with production! I love the Cretonne star.

  2. Those Olfa people, they're amazing! There's a really simple quilt pattern that my church group uses, made up of strips, there's a post that shows one very similar here: With the right fabrics it's wonderful. Check it out. I'll bet you can put one together before the weekend. Sew on!

  3. Gotta love an OLFA REP at the Quilt Expo ready to help! I need to make my Cretonne Star. Have fun with your Grandkids!

  4. I make "comfort quilts" (as we call them in our guild) for the local hospital neo-natal department. We actually have what we call Saturday Sews where 20-25 of us get together (pot luck lunch) and stitch the day away making donation quilts for the neo-natal unit and the children's cancer ward. Some of the patterns we've used are the (smaller/modified) Turning 20 as well as a simple fence rail block assortment. Sometimes, depending on the fabric we have to use, we try and make quilts with "I Spy" type fabrics in them so the kids have something to try and identify when they are using them. I think there is a website called the Linus Project which might have other easy charity quilt patterns if you want to check it out. VERY rewarding to make these and know they have gone to ease a child's pain. Linda

  5. Here's the link for the Project Linus patterns: