Thursday, March 31, 2016

A little sewing and a lot of grandkids

We feel so very lucky that our daughter agreed to let us take Ryan and Emma up to our cabin over spring break. The kids, who live in the city of San Francisco, are just loving it. 

Emma decided her crib (she's 3+!!!) in my sewing room was preferable to a bed!!  But she also kind of took over with toys here and there!!

And Ryan decided he needed to arrange my strips for the kindergarten quilt!

And I learned that the purple Olfa cutter has no guard!!

It's been a great week with almost no sewing but we are happy nevertheless!!

Emma calls the hot tub the "hot water"!! And I've been taking them for swim lessons so the hot tub is the best way to practice!!


  1. Ouch! Hope you finger is okay!
    Looks like lots of good memories being created with Grandma and Grandpa. :)

  2. No doubt you're a great Grandma !! I hope your finger will be better....

  3. Ouch--I have trimmed a few fingernails and used some bandaids--who knew quilting came with injuries. Precious time with your grandchildren

  4. Those rotary cutters can be lethal! Love the looks of your kindergarten quilt fabrics.

  5. Spending quality time with grandchildren can't be beat! Quilting can wait.

  6. Ouch -- I hope the finger heals fast. Time for a different rotary cutter.