Tuesday, March 8, 2016

These sew alongs are so distracting

I love these little sew alongs. It's like taking small bites of a meal. It's easy to get the steps done and to mostly keep up. 

It does also mean that I'm not working on other things. But no quilt policing here!!

Finished two new little blocks for Circa 2016. Love this block and might have to make more!!

Then I did the two blocks for the scrap basket mystery from Cheri. Fun

I'm also doing the little kindergsrtners' blocks:

It's snowing here in Central Oregon so it's  a perfect day to sew!!

What next??


  1. Love your blocks Randy. I love the T blocks. One day I'll make an entire quilt of T's. ;^)

  2. The little T blocks are so very cute.
    And I love the fabrics in your mystery blocks.
    So good of you to make this for the teacher. Really a fun idea!

  3. They are distracting but fun. Maybe next year we'll get the other stuff done :-)

  4. Fun, fun, fun. I just love the kindergarten quilt. So sweet.

  5. Such cute blocks! I heard it was snowing in Bend!!

  6. I'm curious. What's the mystery with Cheri? I haven't heard about it.