Saturday, March 12, 2016


I was working on more blocks for the Circa 2016 as well as Cheri's mystery. I love these little projects. So nice to be able to stay current!!

These are the 5 blocks for Cheri's mystery. I had fun!!

This last one had me stumped because the sizes given made it impossible for the center to have crisp points. Those who know me will realize that that's not something I usually fret over!! Vbg. I just couldn't get it to work. Oh well. 

These are the latest two blocks for the Temecula quilt Circa 2016. My center was done weeks ago so I'm curious as to how we  will be using these larger (!!) 3" blocks!

While I've been up here in Central Oregon, I made sure to stop in at Quiltworks which always has a great display/show in their upstairs. This one didn't disappoint. She had a featured quilter:
This woman does some wonderful quilts!

I wanted you to be able to see the fabulous machine quilting done by Sandy Lachowski, who met me for lunch before we went together to the shop and saw her great quilting!!  She's very talented and will actually be a featured quilter at the Sisters show in July. 

Can you see the great quilting that Sandy did to highlight the adorable appliqué??

These were Kim Deihl patterns and fabrics!

We head back to rainy California tomorrow and a week of watching Emma and Jack!! Can't wait!!


  1. I look forward to seeing these quilts up close and personal. A week of babysitting? Is it spring break? Or will you stay in the city?

  2. PS, That block really should have been pieced on the diagonal. I also did mine like Cheri showed.

  3. Of course, I really like your little blocks. : )
    Appears to be a great show at Quiltworks. So many quilts here that I love.
    Have fun with the grands. Will you need a week of vacation afterward?

  4. Do you have a link to Cheri's scrap basket mystery? I can't find it. Love your small blocks. And I, too, get sucked in...

  5. All those little blocks are adorable whether the corners match up or not! Thanks for sharing the quilt show--very inspiring!

  6. Love all your blocks. Even the one that you are saying doesn't have crisp points. Still looks great!

  7. Love all your blocks. Even the one that you are saying doesn't have crisp points. Still looks great!

  8. Those are some beautiful quilts. Welcome back to rainy (finally) California.

  9. Your little blocks are so cute! And thanks for sharing these lovely quilts.

  10. Pointless Blocks don't even show much from a distance. Remember the Galloping horse theory. Have fun with your Grands. I get 2 granddaughters for Spring Break in April.

  11. Almost done with the Kim Diehl wall hanging with the black background. Still have to do the applique work ... which is probably why it's not done ... applique is not my forte and I usually procrastinate when it is involved. That looks like a beautiful show ... lucky YOU!! ;-)