Monday, March 7, 2016

Mini tumblers

Blogging has opened up a new world and provided the opportunity to make friends we'd otherwise never have been blessed to know. 

One such friend sent me a most darling mini tumbler for no particular reason other than that Janet O. is a most generous woman, not to mention talented!!

Look at what came in the mail to me:

It almost motivated me to take up my mini tumbler and make another little quilt. Note I said "almost"!!

My dh and I are spending the week at our cabin in Central Oregon so I'm limited to what projects I brought.  One thing I want to work on is a quilt I'm going to make for my grandson's kindergarten class. 

I see a really cute idea recently so I'm following that one. I had all 35 kids sign and draw in a little 6" square I brought when I was helping out last week. I sashed just one:

Isn't this adorable??

This is what I'm following:

I am using a darling red/white/blue stripe for the border and a yellow for the center. The teacher has been wonderful to Ryan so I think she is a most deserving person!!


  1. The tumbler quilt is really pretty - great combination of fabric. What a great idea to use children's drawings for a teacher's quilt. It is a great way to have the children participate in the gift giving.

  2. Oh, Randy, I love that idea for a quilt for a teacher. What a treasure that will be.
    And I must say, anyone who knows you will agree that I didn't send you that quilt for no reason. YOU are the generous one here!! : )

  3. Adorable is THE word ! Yes !!
    And the tumbler little quilt is so amazing !! Lucky youuuu !

  4. Janet O is so nice and such an excellent maker of mini quilts. I love your idea for the class! That will be a darling quilt!

  5. The quilt will be treasured, I'm sure!!

  6. Oh, that Janet! What a treasure. The kindergarten quilt will be adorable. Such a sweet idea.

  7. Love the little tumblers. That is one that is on my someday list.

  8. Great idea for the teacher's quilt. She will love it!