Sunday, June 5, 2016

A little sewing

I managed to squeeze in a little sewing during the kids' naps this past weekend and am happy to share my attempt at the first block of the Front Porch. I made some changes and actually plan others as well. 

I still need to sew the pieces down but it shouldn't take too long on my machine!!

And I did the two latest Circa 2016 blocks:

I also finished doing the blue work for a Bird Brain design that I've been working on for years!! Now to put them together!!
Here is just one:

Stay tuned!!  I might actually finish something !!


  1. Wow aren't you being Miss Productive. vbg

  2. Fantastic! I love it. Be sure to add it to the linky!!

  3. Oh what fun! I love watching all the progress. Love the snowman too!

  4. Love your little stitchery! I still need to get caught up on the Circa 2016 blocks--good thing they are little!

  5. Nice job on your blocks!
    I think I am going to love whatever you are making with the snowman stitching. : )

  6. I love your house block. It is so much fun doing a sew along with friends. Hugs

  7. You got a lot done during nap time. That house is so cute, but I must say the little snowman made me smile!