Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finished something, at last!

Since I arrived in Oregon, I've been trying to finish a couple of ufos. I did finish the snowmen blue work last week, which was great but small. 

This week I've been plugging away on my French General quilt which was a kit from Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I absolutely love the fabrics!!  My problem was the size of the blocks. They gave instructions for 9-1/2" finished blocks and I kept getting confused with the 10" number!! That's the drawback to starting and stopping!!

I wound up having to add spacers to get the rows to match. It was something I could've avoided if I'd sewn on it consistently. Instead I worked on it in increments. Lesson learned!! Vbg 

Now there is still extra fabric and my friend Janet O. suggested a little challenge between us!  I have cut up the rest of the fabrics and divided them in two. I'm sending her a package and we are each going to make a very small 12" mini using the same fabrics!!  I'll let you know how that goes. I think it's a great idea!

I also whipped up the Circa 2016 blocks for this week and I have to admit that one of them gave me some trouble. It is because the pieces are so tiny and I'm not always super accurate!!

Here is the first one, with the correction!!

When I did the next one, I used skinnier seams!!
VoilĂ !!

Now what next?? My  friend Anne arrives Monday so I have time to work on something else in the meantime!! I'm getting very excited for my friends' arrival next week !! Sisters quilt show is a week from Saturday!! I'm dropping my quilts off on Thursday!  Also hoping to meet Lori tomorrow!!


  1. I like the way your UFO turned out--the spacer blocks work really well to rest the eyes...nice work--hugs Julierose

  2. Your top turned beautifully like that and your blocks are cute as usual !
    I wish you will meet Lori at the sisters show !
    What a week ! Enjoy Randy :)

  3. Your top looks great! I had to hunt to find where you had inserted spacers--not obvious at all!!
    Looking forward to the challenge, and I am loving your little blocks. : )

  4. It took a long time for my eyes to spot a "spacer". You hided them well. I too used a skinnier seams before ... and probably will again lol. Congrats on this finished top. Enjoy Sisters quilt show! ;^)

  5. Stunning! I'm sorry the "spacer" thing was frustrating, but I think it adds to the interest. I love this quilt!