Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sisters quilt show preview

I was volunteering today in the quilt show office and had a unique opportunity to see some amazing quilts right up close. 

Here is Sisters before the show!  It's a lovely town, very small and charming. On quilt show day, the streets are closed to traffic and are filled with people!

The Stitchin Post is a great shop as well. They always have wonderful quilts hung outside, too. 

This is inside:
Notice the lack of people!! Next week you won't be able to get in the door, after their classes start!

Here are the quilts they had outside. They have definitely gone in the direction of more modern quilting 

This is a yellow brick road pattern with brights!!

There are flower baskets hanging all through the town. 

I loved this label. 

Not my style but I loved this. Here are some close ups!  The quilting was also phenomenal!
See Santa in the doorway?? Check out the quilting!!


There will be a special exhibit of quilts sewn by a group of quilters who interpreted Gone With the Wind. I think their group is called Cover to Cover. I saw some very creative quilts!
These are chandeliers!

And the plantation, of course. Tara!

Here were some other lovely quilts:
I'm a sucker for feathered star quilts. This one had some really tiny pieces!

How about all these?!

Then this one had more great quilting on a simple quilt:

This was a modern Dresden plate, which I'd never heard of:

And I loved this log cabin with an interesting sashing:

I think the show will be great this year, with some wonderful special exhibits, including one devoted to quilts by MEN!! I wonder if Kevin H. knew about that!

I'm already excited and I only worked in the office half a day!  How will I ever see all the quilts??


  1. Thank you Randy for taking the time to share all these beauties with us. It entices the anticipation level to go up a notch or two lol. I really love that log cabin. WOW! Love how the sashing creates a secondary pattern with the cabin. So neat. They are all gorgeous and can't wait to see more. Enjoy your day at Sisters. ;^)

  2. I especially love the feathered star quilts!
    Enjoy your time there--wish I was there, too. : )

  3. Oh my...what beauties !
    Thank you for this post Randy ! I wish you took many precious ideas in this show...

  4. wow - drop dead quilts!! One day I hope to make the show.

  5. That chandelier is amazing and so unique. I too like the round house quilt even though it is way out of my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you Randy for sharing pix... love the circle of houses and the quilting! The Feathered Star, wow, can't wait to see them! Sew excited, I am going this year for the first time ever! Total newbie :0)

  7. Beautiful and complicated quilts...thanks for sharing the show hugs, Julierose

  8. Thanks for the bit of Sisters! Such beautiful quilts. That quilting was just stunning. I hope you have fun AND get to see all the quilts.