Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July

As it happens, last night I put the binding on a quilt I made earlier this year and it's very patriotic!!

You probably can't tell that I used a homespun for the binding, cut on the diagonal!
I love how it turned out. My friend Pat Riley did a fabulous quilting job on it, with baptist fans. 

This quilt has a great story!! It was  called the Convent Quilt   A couple of years ago, at the Chicago quilt show, this quilt was on display and sold in a kit. A couple of my (smarter!!) friends bought the kit but I resisted. When #1 smarter friend, Peggy Dilley, put hers together, I really wanted one. 

The lawyer in me tried to persuade #2 smart friend (Bonnie McQueen) to sell me her kit but to no avail. Enter the next group of smarties (#3,4,5) who put together our own kits using our stashes!! I contributed a bit but they did it in Wisconsin so I was at a disadvantage except that I got my own kit!! I sent them my contributions to add to the variety. 

Debbie Dodge (#3 smart one), Pat Riley (#4 smartie) and DarLynn Venne (#5 smarter) all got similar kits using their fabrics!! I'm not sure if any of them finished theirs yet but the really special part is that one of them will sleep under it this next week when they are at the cabin here in Oregon for some serious retreat time and the Sisters Quilt Show. 

And they're going to sign my label too. sadly, DarLynn isn't able to come this year but now has a very compelling reason to come next summer!!

I also made my Circa 2016 blocks and got into fussy cutting!

Both use leftover French General fabrics!!

Hope you have a great 4th. 


  1. I remember when you shared your regrets about not getting this kit. But this turned out great! And I do love the binding.
    (Your lawyer powers must have weakened since retirement.)
    Ah, I recognize those fabrics in your Circa 2016 blocks (mine came). Nice job.

  2. Lovely finish--and I really like those French General fabrics--tres tres chic!! hugs happy 4th Julierose

  3. Happy 4th to you, as well. Happy Birthday, America!! LOVE the quilt ... I am proud that you were able to pull together without a kit ... sometimes they are even more special because they aren't "matchy-matchy" and have our own personal flavor to them. Your Circa blocks look wonderful ... those points are looking PRETTY sharp, my friend!! Hope you will post some pics from the Sisters show. I just got my calendar from them "Men Behind The Quilts" ... oh, Lordy ... what fun and such a great takeoff from the Calendar Girls. Well done!! Linda

  4. I have also passed on kits and later had regrets. You quilt is a beauty so it all came out great in the end. I can hardly wait to see what you all stitch at retreat.

  5. It's a gorgeous quilt, and I'm trying to picture something similar but from my stash!! It's so tempting to make my own version of this!

  6. Congrats on the finish. It's a beautiful quilt in its simplicity. Love the binding homespun fabric. So cute and befitting. I resist buying kits too. I get the pattern and shop in my stash to make more of a "my own" quilt. Enjoy the retreat! ;^)

  7. Love the red, white and blue quilt. It makes me happy!

  8. You simply can't go wrong with a 9 patch and patriotic colors! YUMMY!

  9. Great quilt and better quilt story! Isn't it great to have sharing quilt friends?