Thursday, July 28, 2016

To starch or not to starch!!

I signed up (in a moment of weakness) for a Primitive Gatherings summer block of the week. That's a misnomer if ever there was one!!  This program has 44 blocks each week, for 12 weeks!! Really!! What was I thinking??!!

Anyway, Lisa Bonjean is a big proponent of the starch method before piecing. My Wisconsin friends are already sold on it.  I hate for their blocks to look better than mine (no, I'm not competitive) so I gave it a try!  I mean, I need all the help I can get! Vbg

First poured starch into a bowl
Used the non aerosol variety!

Then I put the strips into the starch and squished them around. I did have help from the 6 yr old who is a great squisher!

Then I put them outside to dry to stiffen them up!  This is a very special tray given to me as a gift by my friend DarLynn. It's perfect for this task!

After they were dry, I pressed them. Stiff as a board although some were stiffer than others!

I made one block and I think it's pretty darn good!

I'll do it for this project and see how I like it. Pretty labor intensive, though. 

Have you ever tried this? What did you think?

I also did my Circa 2016 blocks, sans starch!  They're ok but might've been better with a little Niagra. 

My other week's progress has been on my Under the Big Top blocks. I'll just show you one:

One more round of triangles and it'll be ready to put together!  Fun fun fun
There are a lot of extra hsts so I'll be looking for ideas!

We are heading up to the cabin tomorrow with the 3 grands so I doubt I'll get much sewing done. Small price to pay to have the darlings with us for a week before their parents come!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I know Lisa is a big proponent of the starch method. I am far too lazy to take those extra steps, but it does look like it makes a nice block.
    Those "Under the Big Top" blocks are wonderful--I didn't recall that you were making them. Another sign that I am lazy--that is way too many HSTs for me to want to make enough of those blocks for a quilt. : )

  2. 44 blocks EACH week for 12 WEEKS?? That's 528 blocks (yes, I had to use my calculator ...)!! Holy cats ;-) Might give the starch thing a try but on a much smaller and less ambitious project. Your "Under the Big Top" project is looking great! Love the color of that green inner border. Enjoy those babies ... it passes too quickly!! Linda

  3. Loving your flamingo medallion--I've done a bit of the starch thing--time consuming. I was told to roll the fabrics while wet and put in the fridge in a plastic bag...then iron them after all the starch/water had been absorbed . Like working with paper really...hugs, Julierose

  4. They all look pretty good to me! And I love the UTB block and the flamingo is perfert too!! lol

  5. The blocks look nice. I never starched. Maybe I should try it one time, just to know how it is. A lot of work, though! Like the bright green in Under the Big Top. Enjoy your grandkids.

  6. I use the starch method when I am piecing tiny blocks, for me it helps with keeping my block square. I also use it when I am working with fabric that ravels badly. It seems to help that issue as well. Good luck on your PG BOW project--I was sorely tempted but I held off and the urge subsided!

  7. I have never starched and don't plan to - especially after seeing how you do it. Wow! I don't have time for that! I do love your Under the Big Top block!