Sunday, July 31, 2016

Circa 2016

I made the first block for this week's installment. I had fun fussy cutting the center;
I love this block and realized after I did the one that it was made of 4 flying geese blocks, actually!

So I thought I'd be clever and eliminate some extra seams by making the flying geese units and assembling the block after. Great idea-- not!!

Problem was that it wasn't easily put together. Oh and I first made a mistake by cutting an extra seam! Ugh
Kind of hard to open up the pieces when they're sewn on  two sides!

So I started again. I am in Oregon so had to use the Quilt in a Day mini ruler set. Helps to read the directions, right??

Anyway, take 2:
I had to do a partial seam to get it together and it ultimately worked but I wouldn't recommend it!

Do you like my truck and cow??  Vbg

This has been my leader/ender project-- 1-1/4" cut squares!
I have a long ways to go but I thought it'd be fun. 

And then I was sewing Bonnie's scrappy trip around the world before my friends left and put it up on the portable design wall. Need to make more blocks before I sew them together, I think. 

Needs some work!! Vbg


  1. Sometimes our bright ideas just complicate things, don't they? : )
    I really like the fussy-cut centers.
    Loving your leader/ender project. How large are you going to make thar?
    Somewhere in the depths of my sewing closet lurks a bunch of Scrappy Trips blocks. I really should pull those out someday and finish them up. Maybe yours will inspire me.

  2. Oh that is so comforting! I love it when I realize I am not the only one who makes little mistakes! You could make a little pillow out of it! I love you leader ended project. I have been sewing two quilts at atime for as long as I can remember and it is amazing how much we can get done whe we aren't expecting too! Love the cow and the truck and the bird too! Have a great week.

  3. Your blocks are very cute !
    And I really love your leader/endear project.
    One question please : what the meaning of vbg ?