Sunday, July 17, 2016

Favorite quilt show pictures

Much to my surprise, Moda had an exhibit showing their new fabrics. Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe it!

You won't believe this is French General fabrics!  Great colors!

Love this setting!

Simple but awesome !

And look what I bought at a silent auction!!
Isn't that great?? I love it!

Here are the real mountains taken on the road from Sisters!
Breathtaking scenery!

Now to sew!!


  1. Thanks for the eye candy show ... if I'm swooning over the PICTURES I can only imagine how beautiful it was in real time! LOVE your art gallery addition ... lovely colors! Makes you happy to look at it. Linda

  2. Those mauvey--plumy colored fabrics are French General? Wow!
    The photo of what you bought is too small for these old eyes to discern. Is it a painting or stitchery or what? Whatever it is, it is very pretty.
    I am loving that blue and brown quilt--warm colors and simple design enhanced with interesting quilting.

  3. I like purples but not my favorite color. But I do like the quilt shown in one of your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Looking at the French General fabric: I can dig deep in my stash, back to the 1980s or 90s, and find that same color. Will Colonial Blue be next? Maybe I'd better keep that old fabric!

  5. Beautiful quilts. Some of your favourites are my favourites too. :^D
    Did you see the swastika in the second picture? Before the Nazi, it was a symbol of good fortune. I like your silent auction purchase but can you tell me what it is; embroidery or quilt? or paint? As always, thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.
    Enjoy the sewing! ;^)

  6. Lovely! I really love the brown and blue triangle quilt! Thanks!