Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Sisters quilt show pictures

This was displayed by the featured machine quilter, my friend Sandy Lachowski. I loved both the pattern and the quilting!  Here is another one in the same area:
Sandy is an awesome quilter!!

So simple but striking!

I thought this was so interesting, using fabrics that had something to do with travels!

This pattern was seen in two quilts. The other one had more subtle colors but I didn't get a picture. It's a great pattern with lots of hsts!

Simple but so cute!

Hopefully you can see the adorable fabrics-- all about glamping!! 

Loved this one. 

Yet another gypsy wife!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my favorite exhibit: the Moda exhibit. 


  1. these certainly are all beautiful quilts--my what a load of HST's---I
    really like the first one pictured a cute...thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  2. LOVED the one with the HSTs, the world travel, the gypsy's wife, the first one with the bunny's back to me but of all I think I liked the "birds on a wire" one ... have components to make similar pattern but birds are sitting on music paper and represent "notes" ... should be fun! THANK YOU for sharing the eye candy!! Linda

  3. Enjoying the show from you and Lori. Looking forward to more!

  4. I love that travel quilt - very unique! thanks for sharing the photos

  5. Great pix, fun times!! Thank you Randy once again for being a fabulous host! cheers, CW

  6. Thanks for more pictures of the Sisters show!