Saturday, July 30, 2016

I love the blog world!

Today I had the pleasure of arranging a meeting with Janet O (the queen of mini quilts) on her way to visit her daughter in Eugene!

We met a Quiltworks, where Janet did a little shopping before I got there. We then went and had a relaxing lunch by the river at the Old Mill District and spent a most relaxing lunch getting to know each other. 

I have to say that it seemed like we were old friends!  What a most delightful time I had. And thanks to the blogging world, we were able to meet!! 

I want to show you the most gorgeous floral arrangement my daughter sent me. I love the colors!  I see a quilt out of this!

I went to google something yesterday and this showed up on my screen:
There is something a little big brother about this, I think. Know what I mean??

Hope to sew a bit tomorrow!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Randy!!
    So cool you met with Janet O. A new friendship for a new birth year! Fantastic! Love the colours of your bouquet too.

  2. What a wonderful time I had meeting you, Randy! Thanks for making it work. Wish we'd had more time, but I'm grateful for what we managed. So good to visit in real life--and you are as genuine and kind as I had imagined.
    But now I am embarrassed to think you'd just had a birthday and I didn't realize it, but Google did. Your daughter sent lovely flowers!

  3. Happy Birthday. Beautiful flowers your daughter send. Indeed good inspiration! So nice to meet in real with blogger friends.

  4. It is so special to meet blogging friends! I had a visitor from New Mexico that I had met once before and it was great to see her again! Janet O. seems like such a sweet person - I have followed her blog for a long time.

  5. Happy birthday Randy! How fun to meet up with Janet!!