Sunday, August 7, 2016

Temecula quilting

I just did my Circa 2016 blocks for this week and then decided to join in the Temecula Olympics quilt. 

Yesterday was easy:  only had to cut 55 squares that are 4-1/2" and sew them into ten 4-patches.  Seemed easy enough:
Used mostly pre-cut squares I had but did pull out some scrap piles and used them too. Didn't make much of a dent, though!!

And then today?  Not so easy. Have to cut 288 2-1/2" squares to make 72 4-patches!!  😆😆

I spent the past week at our cabin with our 3 grandkids and had a great time. Big milestone was that I taught my 6-yr old to ride his bike!!  We bought the kids plasma cars and they love driving them all around the driveway!!
They "drive" over to the pool!!

 they all love the water, which is great fun!

We came home for the weekend to go to see Huey Lewis and the News and head back up tomorrow for the next week with the kids again!


  1. Ouch ! You're very busy !
    A busy quilter and a busy grandma ! But you did a great job in these two jobs ! :)

  2. I really like the Circa 2016 creations.
    Have to admit that though I am doing NO SALs this year, the Olympic one did tempt me. Now that I hear what the latest step is, I am glad I didn't plunge. I will just have to enjoy watching you make it.
    Great photos of fun with the kids. I love plasma cars. : )
    Did you enjoy the concert?

  3. Glad you got a little sewing in! Huey was fun to see but his voice wasn't too good. Hope you had fun!

  4. Love the blocks. The kids are so sweet. And, Huey - wow! I would love to see Huey again. Hope you had fun!

  5. Going for the "Gold"!! I'm not doing any SALs this year; trying to clean out/organize sewing room (it's a nightmare) and finish up UFOs ... it's hard because you want to start new stuff all the time. Absolutely LOVE the grands at the pool ... those eye goggles made me laugh out loud! ENJOY!! Linda