Friday, August 26, 2016

Swap anyone??!!

I've been wanting to host a swap for some time and have had many people ask me if I would. 

So I've got a great idea!

Hint #1:
And I don't own any reptiles!!

Hint #2:

A pin cushion swap!!

I joined the Temecula pin cushion program and have gotten inspired!  Here is the one I made yesterday. Just need to sew on the button.  Cute??!!

So this is my plan. If you are interested in participating you would need to send me an email and tell me that you want to do it. You would have to make some kind of a pin cushion from scratch and fill it with sand or crushed walnuts. I will have sent you a name to whom you'll send your pin cushion. 

I'll figure out some guidelines before we start. And I'll give everyone plenty of time to make one. 

I love pin cushions and don't think you can ever have too many!

I made that years ago but still love it!

These are just some ideas. 

If you're interested, send me a comment with your email address. If there are just two of us, that's enough!  I'm thinking of sign ups until Labor Day. Pin cushions should be done by mid October. Does this sound like fun or what??!!!

Let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Hmmm, I will think about this and let you know. I might be able to squeeze in a pincushion amidst all the craziness. : )

  2. Pin cushions are HOT right now--I'm in.

  3. I'm in! Sewquilty at gmail dot com

  4. Hmm... would there be rules and guidelines? Swap parters or just random pin cushion love?

  5. Sew luv the fun you inspire random sounds great

  6. Oh, please shoot me, I'm in! Who doesn't love pin cushions? I think you have my e-mail, but just in case: . Thanks for hosting this!

  7. I would love to join your pin cushion swap. Count me in. I have always wanted to join a swap. I already have a favorite pin cushion in mind to make.My email is

  8. I would like to join the pin cushion swap.