Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Glued to the phone!!

I'm in a real state today.  My iPhone fell out of my jacket pocket last night on a city bus in San Francisco!~

I realized it shortly after we got off the bus and used the "Find my Phone" function on my husband's phone to locate it.  

We watched it zip across San Francisco until it finally came to rest AT SOMEONE'S HOME!!! 

I locked it, although I wasn't able to erase it.  Hopefully having it locked will prevent anybody from getting my info off the phone.  For instance, I have access to bank information;  I have the ability to buy things on Amazon etc etc.

I also learned that the Apple Care insurance plan I have purchased only covers damaged phones, NOT lost or stolen ones.


Anyway, I'm trying to manage today sans phone but will head over to the Apple store later today and buy a new one.  This time, I am going to get the LARGEST one possible so I can't keep it in my pocket.  I need to protect myself from myself!!

Anybody else ever lost a phone??  I feel like a complete idiot.  And to top it all, I'm completely disoriented. We are so attached to our phones.  Well, at least I am!

Hopefully everything will be transferred because of iCloud, because I naturally haven't backed up the phone in AGES...I quickly attached my backup hard drive to my laptop to back IT up!!  My pictures??  I hope they're in the iCloud, too.  I picked up darling Ryan yesterday from his first day of First Grade and took an adorable picture.  GRRRR

Lessons learned today!!!
Watch your phone
Back up Back up, Back up!!
Don't be so dependent on your phone!

More to follow...


  1. :^( So sorry Randy. Believe it or not, I still don't have a phone, but I pay for three for my sons lol. Hopefully, things will sort out soon. Take care. ;^)

  2. Oh what a nightmare--don't feel silly--it happens to all of us. I no longer keep those apps and things on my phone at all. I do all my transactions on my computer only...hugs, Julierose

  3. Use to be Monday morning we wash the clothes, Tuesday morning we iron the clothes, Wednesday morning we wash the floor, etc. well we don't iron any longer so lets back up on Tuesday

  4. Oh, scary! Are you tempted at all to go to the home (with some big bodyguards in tow) and ask about your phone?
    I haven't lost a phone--yet! But, like Julierose, I do all my "transactions" on my desktop at home, so that stuff isn't available on my phone.

  5. Randy, I heard of someone who tracked their lost iPad.....hoped the person would do the honest thing and return it. Well they didn't and she watched her iPad travel a bit. Finally, she got the address of where it was and sent balloons to the house with a note to the person asking them to return her iPad. She got it back pronto.

  6. Change the passwords on your accounts! That will hopefully keep whoever has your phone out of your accounts if they manage to get through the lock on your phone.

  7. Can't you pay them a visit? or could your local police do it?

  8. sorry for you ! I have never lost my phone ...and I don't want to do it ! What a nightmare. ... Good luck !

  9. That is frustrating!! No wonder you never answered my text! LOL When are you coming to oregon?

  10. I have misplaced my phone a couple of times and PANIC set in when I realized it. Fortunately someone turned it in and I was able to claim it ... it's an awful feeling!! I do try and remember to backup stuff often but, like everyone, get complacent about it too often. Photos are the worse thing to lose ... they can't be replaced if not backed up. Hoping you have a MUCH better day!! Linda

  11. Oh Randy, I am so sorry! I don't have a smart phone and my daughter keeps trying to give me one. This is exactly why I don't have one. I hope it all works out soon!

  12. Prayers and hugs and breatheeeee maybe your phone will be back home.