Monday, August 29, 2016

Circa 2016 and other things

I did two weeks' worth of Circa 2016 blocks recently. I love that these blocks are so simple and small!

And I've been working on a little challenge using my leftover French General fabrics. I'm trying to do a little mini (I know that's redundant!!) so I'm being personally challenged!!
The big reveal is still a week away!

Then today I went with a friend to a lake I'd never been to before. This area of Central Oregon was formed by former volcanoes and lava flow. We went to an area called Obsidian which is a type of lava rock that's shiny and sharp. The scenery was awesome and I thought you'd enjoy a little travelogue!

Tomorrow I am putting on bindings and meeting my friend Lori for lunch!  Yeah!!


  1. Fun little blocks you have made, Randy.
    Oh, I am very intrigued by the peek. Can't wait to see!!
    I used to be a rock hound in my youth--love obsidian! That looks like an interesting place with a beautiful view.

  2. Blocks are wonderful ... you do such a great job with little pieces ... mine are usually wonky ... I think my big fingers are to blame ... LOL

    Love the volcanic tour ... WHO KNEW??? I've been to Oregon a number of times (love that part of our great country) but have not been to this area (yet)!! Thanks for sharing ;-) Linda

  3. We used to camp at east lake all the time. I thought the obsidian flow was so unique!!

  4. Fun blocks! Thanks for the geology lesson. Looks like you had a great hike!