Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Portable design wall

A while ago, I ordered this portable design wall on Mass Drop. I was waiting until I was at the cabin in Oregon to set it up!! Today is the day!  And I'm going to try it out in advance of the sewing retreat going on here in two weeks before the Sisters Quilt show!

I think I still want to put something up on the wall but for now, this will work. 

Perfect opportunity for me to unveil my hexagons, which I've worked on for years (very infrequently, obviously!!)

It is much better up on the wall rather than in my lap!
My plan was to appliqué it onto a gorgeous DiFord fabric I found in Wisconsin but sadly the package was lost in the mail so I'm  going to find something else. That shouldn't be too difficult!! 

And now back to the French General top, which I'm going to finish this week!! Oh, and put on the borders for the snowman quilt (RED!!)


  1. Your hexagons are lovely--I really like those ecru pathways around the darker flowers....just beautiful work...hugs, Julierose

  2. Didn't realize you had this long term hexie project. It is really pretty.
    How large are the hexies? And how large is the design wall?

  3. liking that hexie project...and be interested on your impression of the portable design wall....

  4. My hubby rigged up a board with hooks so I can hang my portable design wall--I was always knocking it over otherwise. I love your hexie project. The scrappy fabrics are so pretty! I've had things go missing in the mail too. It's so frustrating thinking that such beautiful fabric is out there somewhere!

  5. I am not sure that I have room for a design wall, but I sure would like to figure out a place for one. Yours looks great. Your hexies are beautiful!! I have a long term hexie project going too. Or should I say sort of going...LOL

  6. Those portable desing walls are great! I can't wait to share my new design wall in my studio once I get it all finished up!