Friday, January 20, 2017

And now, something unrelated to politics!

I think we can say that today marks a new chapter, whether we are happy about it or not.  I did watch the inauguration, primarily because I like to see what the women are wearing!!  There was one woman in a gorgeous fur coat, which would be highly unwelcome in California.

I'll tell you why I could never be President (or hold any elected office, for that matter).  I was just watching the Trump grandchildren standing aside their grandpa (our new president) and he didn't pick them up, touch them or put them on his lap.  I'd NEVER be able to keep my hands off my grandkids (well, I never am now!).  

I finished up another of the little Primitive Gatherings freebie blocks and am now working on the center!  You will no doubt notice I'm missing a little leaf, which somehow got lost in transit.  Hard to transport the blocks, the pieces, the scissors and, most difficult, all the different colored Valdani threads.  I still wish I had more variety sometimes.  Please don't look too closely at the quality and lack of consistency in my stitches.  I have enjoyed this project and hope to have it together (center and the other 12 blocks) for the trip back to California next week.  The borders need to be appliquéd while attached to the whole quilt.  I'll show you a picture of the finished quilt (or what it's supposed to look like!)

I also decided to make the flying geese that are being flown by Temecula Quilts.  They are rather large but we'll see what they eventually get sewn into.  I love their quilts.

I'm trying to break out of my rut in fabric choices. VBG

 Here are two other blocks I made yesterday, following the designs of Primitive Gatherings, with their Triangle Gatherings weekly sew along.

I gathered fabric to make the Laura Holt Farm Girl quilt but haven't gotten more than a couple of blocks done so I decided to grab some of that fabric for this project.  Rather than use the Primitive Gatherings triangle papers, I'm using up the Thangles triangle paper I've had and am using an uncommon size,
 1-3/4" finished triangles!  I figure this is a great way to use up those papers, which I probably wouldn't otherwise use since it's such an odd size.  Two more to go to be up to date on that.

Aren't they fun and bright?

On a weather-related note, we are up at the cabin in Central Oregon and there is so much snow.  We arrived here to find TWO leaks due to ice dams (from an accumulation of ice beneath the 3' of snow on the roof, in the valleys!).  We arranged for a friend to carry a long ladder back from Home Depot for us and my husband quickly got to work trying to shovel the snow from the eaves.

Speaking of grandkids, my husband is using one of the little shovels we bought for the kids to help shovel the driveway!  We also had a roofer come to remove the ice dams (he is young and skilled and can climb up on the icy roof.  NOT us!).  Let me tell you that helping my husband by shoveling all the snow he took off the roof left me exhausted!!

Back to my machines!!


  1. I can't wait to see your Primitive Gatherings wool project come together.
    I have been saving the triangle block patterns, but haven't made any--who knows if I will? But I like the happy fabrics you are using on yours.
    You have SO MUCH snow!!!
    I watched the inauguration, too, and now I am watching the violent protestors on the news. Makes me very sad that people are becoming so uncivilized.

  2. I have seen where people staple their tiny wool pieces in place, making the project easier to travel with. Lovely blocks. I know what you mean about roof cleaning wearing you out, every year I "rake" our roof of snow at least once. Ice dams are an ever occurring event in my life. For the life of me I don't know why anyone would ever want to be president, but I do say thank you for those that accept that challenge. People should stop and think before they protest. Accept the outcome and move on with your life.

  3. I don't care if it's missing a leaf or not, or even two leaves!, I think your little woollie is adorable. Looking forward to see them all together. Your triangles blocks are so cheerful. They can chase the winter blues away for sure. Love them. ;^)

  4. Could you share the link for ''little Primitive Gatherings freebie blocks?'' They look so cute, but can not find them.

  5. I have been tempted by the fying geese also but have not made any. I would do another method than the Temecula version but end up with the same thing.

  6. Your blocks are very cute !
    I don't know if Mr Trump will be a good President but at this time, he doesn't let the world indifferent !
    Enjoy your days in Oregon !

  7. Well, it IS all about him, isn't it?? Don't get me started...aaargh!!

    Are you joining our little Farm Girl group with Dawn and Jacky @ "sewyouquilt2"
    All I've made is a 12" cow--piecing with a lot of pieces is not my forte--so I thought I'd give myself a challenge this year and try to get better at it--
    (with much hair-pulling and grumbling ;000) love your blocks hugs, Julierose

  8. You have some fun beginnings for the new year--I especially love the freebie block. We are expecting snow soon--luckily we had a warm up and lots of what we had melted. BTW, I received the packet of French General scraps--it's going to lots of fun mixing them into my stash--thanks so much!!

  9. Lots a fun projects you're working on. Keep enjoying the process and don't be too hard on yourself.

  10. Lots a fun projects you're working on. Keep enjoying the process and don't be too hard on yourself.