Monday, January 9, 2017

Two becomes Four!

At the end of last week, before we got the grandkids, I managed to do a couple more of the log cabin blocks for Cécile and Béa's quilt along.  The two blocks are now 4!  And I'm NOT behind, which is a miracle!!

Here's another arrangement of them:

I have packed up 6 little packages for people who expressed an interest in getting my leftover fabrics so I'm OUT of it.  That's making me think that maybe I'll do groupings of 4 blocks for this quilt along.  Not sure if that's within the rules, but I may go ahead and try it.  do something totally different every 4 blocks!

I also finished putting the borders on the Quilt of Valor I've finished.  I am pleased with how it turned out (you may not notice that I ran out of border fabric and had to put something different for the 4th side.... oops!... I don't think it's terribly noticeable).

If I make this pattern again, I think I'd do the large diamond in reds to break it up a bit more.  I also decided to use a yellow for the inner border because I thought it needed something different.  I'm not sure what I'll use for the binding.  I think the red might be too much.  What do you think??

We had the lucky opportunity to have all FOUR of our grandkids over the house at one time (well, the little one is just 8 weeks old).  My son was afraid the 7 yr old wouldn't be able to hold the little one so he and his wife wanted to be in the picture, too!

We were pretty excited to have them all, even for just a day!~

off to the post office to mail the FG scraps and the Quilt of Valor to the machine quilter.  It has actually stopped raining here a little bit today so I may try for a walk.  Brief respite.  We have had a lot of rain.  We keep a rain gauge outside our kitchen door and we've been emptying it every day, with at least 3-4 inches!


  1. What a handsome group of kiddos! Love your little log cabins. And, I think it would be fun to see different groups each time! Love the QOV quilts and I think a red binding would be great.

  2. Your little log cabins have stolen my heart. : )
    I believe a deep red binding would blend beautifully on this great QOV.
    A lovely photo of happy people. Wonderful that you could all be together, however briefly it may have lasted.

  3. Love those first four blocks so much--the colors are perfect; I like the first arrangement...just sayin hugs, Julierose

  4. I really love the fabric in your Log Cabins. The dark, the stripes, the red wit the grey maybe, there's a je-ne-sais-quoi that I really love. On the quilt of valor, I didn't notice it before you mention it. Of course I had to got and hunt that fabric down, lol. Maybe a yellow bind would be nice? Or a scrappy red? Good luck with the decision. You are so blessed to have such a lovely family. They look so sweet, all of them. ;^)

  5. I love your log cabin blocks, and your quilt of valor is just wonderful! So happy when our kiddos come, aren't we!!

  6. God blesses us in so many ways; grandchildren are the BEST. You have a beautiful family. Linda

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  8. Your mini log cabin blocks are so beautiful, love the colours & fabrics. And yes: as long as it's log cabin blocks, arrangement is yours.
    I would add a scrappy red binding for your quilt of valor.

  9. I just love your blocks--so great! Your QOV looks wonderful from here--I think using a different fabric on one side adds a lot of interest!

  10. Your QOV is beautiful and will be a gift to warm someone's heart. The little log cabin blocks look so sweet together. It's a great combo.

  11. Your QOV is beautiful and will be a gift to warm someone's heart. The little log cabin blocks look so sweet together. It's a great combo.

  12. I would do either red or yellow for the binding, or maybe even white.

  13. Your log cabin QOV is outstanding. I love almost any log cabin quilt, especially using scraps. I'm a scrap quilt lover. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that I need to get busy with log cabins again (right after we finish putting together 16 QOV tops from my block drive). lol Thanks for the inspiration.