Wednesday, January 18, 2017

more log cabin progress a la French General

I think I mentioned that I'm doing Cécile and Béa's log cabin quilt along and have been doing them in miniature (inspired by my friend Janet O, of course!).  This past week I made some more and have yet to decide how to sew them together.  Here are a few options, none of which have a sashing, which I used in the last group.  Will have to add sashing outside, though, to make them the same size.

A pinwheel wasn't my plan but I played around with them and all of a sudden there was this design.  I like it, actually.

Which do you like best?  And if you'd add a sashing between the blocks, what color?  I am stumped on that.

I had a chance to babysit for the new baby for an hour last week and took him for a walk.  
Here he is all wrapped up in his quilt!

On our walk, I passed a "gentleman's club", which I didn't think existed any longer.  Check out this street sign:

Do they have  scantily-clad girls dancing inside?  X-rated movies in private booths?? VBG. 

And then when I was on my way up to SF on Friday to pick up the other kids, I snapped this picture as the moon as setting.

We are back up at the cabin in Oregon, buried in feet and feet of snow.  It's just beautiful but very tough!  Have you ever heard of ice dams?  It's very common here in Central Oregon where you have a huge build up of snow on the roof and the heat from the attic melts it, but then it freezes up, causing an accumulation of ice.  When that melts, it is not uncommon for it to leak into the house!  We had one leak before we left and found another one today.  

We have a roofer on the roof today (lucky us!  They are very much in demand these days) shoveling the roof!  We have about 3' of snow on the roof alone.  He has been getting up on the roof and hammering away at the accumulation of ice!  Someone told us that it's the most snow they've seen here in 20 years.  The schools in Bend have been closed because of the fear of roofs collapsing!  Ah, Mother Nature!  


  1. I really like the pinwheel design, too! Great little log cabins, Randy!
    Sweet baby photo. : )
    I think (I KNOW) I prefer the moonrise photo to the Cheetah one.
    We sometimes get the ice dams--my hubby and oldest son were up shoveling the flatter part of our roof last weekend, as we have had a lot of snow this winter, but not as much as you have at the "cabin".

  2. Awwwhhh! Gorgeous baby! Love the pinwheel too or the first picture. Love the little flower in the center. Cute! Depending on what you want to accomplish as a quilt, the sashing can be anything at this point. If you want to frame just these 4 pieces together I would go with red, or red and cream used in the log cabin and sew it as a log cabin (with two sides red, two sides cream), but that just me. We get snow on the roof too. (We get snow everywhere around here. lol!) The only way we have ice on roof is when we get freezing rain. We do have, sometimes, to remove the snow from the roof but it is very rarely ice. Usually if you wait a few days, the wind will clean the roof for you and dump every flake on your cleaned driveway, lol. Gotta love winter!! ;^)

  3. The pinwheel is my favorite, I think I'll have to do one like that!
    We have only gotten like an inch of snow in MO this year, I'm very disappointed.

  4. Your grandson looks so sweet snuggled up in his quilt! So I think I like the pinwheel setting the best. Yes, we get thick ice on the roof, and a few leaks in the spring.

  5. Lucky baby to have a grandma like you !! He is soooo sweet !
    For your blocks, first congartulations and second, I love the last setting !

  6. The pinwheel is my favorite layout. If you decide to use a sashing around the blocks, how about either using the same shade of red or the gold that is in the blue print?

  7. Cute log cabin blocks!! Are you putting them all together to make a quilt? Or several little quilts?
    I'm pretty sure the Gentlemen's club is exactly what you are thinking! :(
    Lots of our snow has melted in the past day and a half- so ready to see it gone, at least for awhile.

  8. Love those little log cabins with or without sashing. I think the name "Cheetah's" for the club fits fine, but I'm not sure I would call it a "gentlemen's" club! I don't know of any here in Maine, but there are lots of them just across the border in Canada. Not much else to do there I guess. Wink. That baby is beautiful! And he looks good in the quilt!

  9. Hmm...I seem to be the only one who prefers the first design, with the lights in the middle, the most. To my eye, it makes it a lighter quilt. (I know, I know, the color of the last border and binding define the color of a quilt.) Perhaps that's my preference because I am determined to lighten up my palette when putting fabrics together.

  10. You continue to make lovely mini logs. I tend to like the traditional settings, but it's the colors that are so sweet. The amount of snow you're dealing with is incredible. Glad you've had a roofer come along to get some of the weight off the house.

  11. I like the third pictured log cabin blocks best. Liz