Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A little sewing going on here

I did manage to catch up again on the Triangle Gatherings last week;  I found some adorable fabric at the new lqs:

I put these next to each other for you to see the amazing difference when you pair one fabric with a totally different contrast.  Both blocks use the same polka dot background.  I think they look entirely different.  The aqua fabric above, by the way, was from a modern quilt shop that Wendy Reed took me to in Maine.  Really fun.  The little birdies are from the new lqs, as is the background.

How can you have chickens without chicken wire??  FUN

And I started back on my Mountmellick (Di Ford) Quiltmania mystery.  Finally got all the circles appliquéd onto the background grid.  It was done in a really interesting way:  they had me draw a grid, with the squares being 2" each, onto a large piece of background.  I sewed all of them down on my Janome 6600 (which has a great buttonhole stitch, IMNSHO).  Then I cut them apart, cut them down a little and sewed on the triangles.  Not looking forward to the corners which are to be hexies... oh well.  It's moving in the right direction.  Don't look too closely...  Some of the circles wound up not being centered once I sewed the triangles on.  I call them very modest! 

Here's the English teacher in me speaking up.
I was reading a review of Hillary Clinton's new book and saw a word I'd never heard of before, so now you're getting a vocabulary lesson for free.
Contumely ("she was exposed to gossip and contumely")... means an insulting display of contempt in words or actions or humiliating insult.  It was also in Hamlet.
So there you go... learn something new every day!

Tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for the mug rug swap...
new some ideas?? Motivation?  Mine are small; they don't have to be.

Wish I could take credit for the cat but I can't.  That was a gift from Will in Paris.  Isn't it cute?

You can also make it with a binding, if you'd like.  Mine were turned.
Hope you'll join in.


  1. I am so impressed that you are keeping up with the Triangle Gatherings!
    The Di Ford quilt will be an heirloom. Beautiful!
    How many swap participants have you now?

  2. Just how many triangles have you sewn this summer??? I love the Mountmellick so far. And, I adore the little cat Mug Rug that your friend sent you. Too cute. Thanks for the word of the day. I do love learning new words. I just wish they would stay in my head for longer than 30 seconds. I will probably hear someone say contumely today!

  3. The mystery will be really pretty.