Sunday, September 10, 2017

SWAP reminder

Here's a gentle nudge and reminder to join in on our Mug Rug swap upcoming next month.  It's going to be great. EASY PEASY.

Just send me an email, please, with your email address and mailing address:

Also, do you follow my dear friend Wendy Reed (constant quilter blog)?? She recently posted information about donating to a guild in Texas that lost everything.  I packed up  (stuffed, is more like it) one of those flat rate padded envelopes and am sending off lots of fabric and threads (and had a bunch of pre-wound bobbins I hadn't used)... I encourage all of you, if you can, to donate!

I have caught up on my Triangle Gatherings and just need to post you some pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I sent an email with #8 attached. Let me know if it works for you :-)

  2. Thanks for the donation reminder! I think they will be in good shape soon.

  3. I received the 'stuffed' package yesterday in the mail. It almost exploded bobbins when I opened it! Thank for sharing with us, just got back from turning that and several other packages that arrived yesterday to the Comfort Quilters. They are the charity part of West Houston Quilters Guild.

    Again, the address if you want to help:

    Betty Baker
    WHQG Diaster
    17412 Bobcat Trail
    Cypress TX 77429-1200

    The support we have gotten from other quilters has been great.
    Thanks again.