Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A little wool applique

Thanks to everyone for your very sage advice.  I appreciate all the thoughts and suggestions.

I did get some sewing done in the car yesterday on the drive up to the cabin in Oregon.  Between a book on tape and my sewing, the time flies by!

I finished the last 4 blocks for the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week:

This one has the top of its flower a bit off center but I'm not going to do it over.  I don't think it'll bother me once the top is together!

I also finished another pin cushion I've been working on for ages.  I have made a LOT of pin cushions the past few years, which is fun.

Here's another one, which is just about finished..just need a little more embroidery on the machine!

If you have any interest in the patterns for the two latest pin cushions, let me know and I'll be happy to send them your way!

I have also finally finished all that was left on my Penny Gathering Summer 2016 Freebie from Primitive Gatherings.  I'm going to hand it over to my favorite machine quilter today at lunch so I'm looking to give away the pattern. 

I made mine a little differently than the original pattern:


If you think you'd like to tackle a lot of wool appliqué ( there are 12 separate blocks plus the center and the border, as well as the very tiny half square triangles on the edges), please email me and I'll pick a winner at the end of the week.


  1. All of the projects you are working on are just so cute! I really like them all.

  2. All beautiful projects. You really are talented. 'Love all of the projects :)

  3. These woolies are very cute, been watching you do these and love them, nice job. Would be interested to follow up and do some. thanks.
    Hope you are doing better, I to am a grandmother.

  4. Your wool appliqué is really lovely! Almost wants me too give it a try! Lol! I'm impressed with all your finishes. Way to go!
    Hope the grandmother thing is going better.

  5. I would love to have this summer 2016 BOW. I have been admiring your progress and wondering how to get the patterns. ( I've even saved each picture as you finished them, thinking someday I might just go for it without patterns:).
    I so enjoy your blog and hope things on the Grandma front will soon be better. Blessings, Mary

  6. Love the sewing machine pin cushion. I would love to make it. I am a grandma too. I think it should be easy, but it's not. I truly do enjoy your posts.

  7. The wool flowers on the log cabin blocks are oh so good. Log cabin blocks most often have a small center square. This with the larger rectangle works well for adding applique to them.
    The Primitive Gatherings summer blocks make a good quilt design. You did well.

  8. I love this free block of the week. I won the one duplicate block that you gave a way last year and had a great time making it. If you haven't picked anyone yet, please enter me. Thank you Randy.