Friday, September 15, 2017

Now the fun begins

I have sent everyone their mug rug partners so hopefully you've received your "assignment"!!  Please let me know if I've sent you the wrong email address.  I am hoping this time I didn't make any duplications!!

please mail your mug rug out to your recipient by Oct. 15th... That gives you a month.

there aren't many.
It should be no smaller than 4" really; no larger than 10"!!
line it with batting;
you can put binding on or turn it and sew the edges down
you should quilt it to hold it in place
sign your name on the back, if there's a place...

Thanks so much for joining in on our swap.  I appreciate it! We had participants from Europe, Canada and just about every state! WOOHOO!!

I didn't take pictures of the pillowcases but will do it this weekend.
No grandkids so my dh and I are taking a little day trip tomorrow.



  1. Now I am starting to wonder if I did put my name down for this exchange, (because I really wanted to participate) but since I didn't get an email from you, I am wondering. Could you check please? Happy Sunday to you. ;^)

    1. If you missed out, send me your info and I'll make one for you... not necessarily by the swap deadline!!