Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Do you like to decorate for Halloween?  I do and have so many things, which I usually pick up the day after Halloween and save for the following year!  In fact, I am itching to go to K-mart TODAY rather than wait until tomorrow, but maybe the sale won't start until after the 31st... patience...

One of my favorite things to hang up is this wallhanging I made years ago from a swap I hosted.  Everyone made a number of 6" blocks and sent them to me.  I distributed them to all the participants.  All the blocks are so different.  It actually makes me think of a project for Valentine's Day, maybe!!!

Here is a close up of two of my favorites:

Poor Sunbonnet Sue! and check out the background fabric, too!

I love seeing this quilt hung up.  Anybody interested in doing something like this for Valentine's Day?  

I went to my grandson's school in SF this morning to watch their parade.  Long drive for a very short parade but it was worth it.  Storm trooper was his choice this year!

I also wanted to show you what fabulous little gifts I received from Mona recently!  I love the key chain -- I have no idea how I'd make something this small...  Thanks so much, Mona.  I'm going to use them immediately!  And she enclosed a packet of "Slap Ya Mama" cajun seasoning, which I think will go perfect in the pot of black bean soup I have simmering on the stove.


  1. I made a TON of those bag tags a few years back. Our church was having "Jingle and Mingle" (ladies event) and had a little bazaar where peeps could sell stuff. Our church quilt group made those for sale to raise funds for our projects. So easy to make and CUTE! Love the little quilt.

  2. That is a fun Halloween quilt, Randy.
    What a happy little package of goodies. I think the seasoning in black bean soup sounds delicious!

  3. what a fun swap quilt! love Sue

  4. I'm not a big Halloween person but your quilt is adorable. Your grandson looks great in his costume ... such a fun time for kids. I use Slap Yo Mama seasoning on EVERYTHING!! Try it on chicken, scrambled eggs, egg salad or tuna salad ... it adds just a little "something" to everything. Good stuff! Linda

  5. So many clever blocks in that Halloween quilt! And Ryan looks so cute in his costume!

  6. I enjoy halloween, but most decorations are more for "Fall" - uncarved pumpkins, indian corn, etc.

  7. The witch with the green face is my favorite block in your Halloween quilt.

  8. My grandson was a storm trooper also. Must be the thing this year!

  9. What a cute storm trooper! I love that quilt! Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but we missed it this year anyway do to lack of power everywhere! We finally have ours back and I am so thankful! There are still some in Cyndi's town that do not have power back.