Thursday, October 26, 2017

Triangle Gatherings catch up!

I fell a little behind on my Triangle Gatherings (they seem to multiply when you fall behind, seriously!) so I spent yesterday when Claire was over to catch up.  Well, it took most of the afternoon even after she left.  Remember I am doing them in brights.  Was originally using the fabric I collected for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt, which I wasn't making.  Then I kept adding more fabric... I now have enough for many quilts, of course.

Warning:  if you are looking for perfect corners where everything meets, don't waste your time on my blocks!!! VBG  They DON'T.  But hopefully I didn't make any mistakes.  I have a good friend who has an eagle eye and lovingly points out my mistakes!

There are supposed to be 80 so there will be two more.  I am starting to think about how I'm going to use these 80 blocks.  They will finish approx. 7" (I know, weird number but I started out trying to use up some random triangle papers I had, not realizing I'd need a zillion of them in the end!).  I think they will need to be sashed and I'm tempted to put them on point with quarter square triangles adjacent (like an egg timer), to make them appear to be squared up.  It'll make a lot of quilts, though.
Claire donates all her quilts to a whole variety of organizations so I may defer to her expertise in what would be the best destination for all these bright and fun blocks.


  1. The blocks are very FUN and BRIGHT! They will make a great quilt (or quilts).

  2. All so colorful and pretty. I love all of the blocks :)

  3. Good for you for keeping up. I petered out at about block 15

  4. Such happy fabrics you are using. They all look good to me, but maybe your "friend" will find something. :)
    I am impressed that you have kept up. I didn't even get the first block made, and stopped saving patterns somewhere in the 30s.

  5. They all look good to me, Randy. And I love your fabrics. Fun!

  6. I love your blocks and setting them with hourglass blocks is great. I'm sure someone will love this quilt.

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