Monday, October 30, 2017

What can this be??

Does this look familiar?? Any idea what I've decided to work on??  Maybe the second picture will help!

I started out using the companion ruler and then realized that I have an Accuquilt die (that I'd never opened) so BOOM!!  I cut a bunch of strips and rolled that baby over the die and VOILA... I even got the kids to help!~
Quarter square triangles sewn into rectangles = Bonnie's leader/ender project from a few years ago.  Suits me just fine now... Here is the link:

Then I figured as long as I was cutting strips, I might as well pull out a very old UFO, but it's been so long,  I can't even remember how it was supposed to look. I know that I was making 25-patches of green and pink! Since I was cutting pinks and greens, I just cut some smaller strips (these finish at 1")~!  Any suggestions?  I've made a couple of quilts using 25-patches with a sashing in between.  I guess could do that, but these are small blocks!

I did get most of the next border done on my Mount Mellick DiFord quilt... have started working on the corners, which consist of 4 little hexies appliquéd onto a background.  Sadly I cut the backgrounds too small.  UGH... And these hexies are REALLY tiny.  They are the same as the corners of the center, a theme that gets repeated throughout the quilt.  You may notice that my side borders are a little short!  Claire suggested I take out some of the seams from the triangles, which I may wind up doing... GRRRR.

Tomorrow is Halloween and whereas my grandkids used to come to our house to go trick or treating, they're now staying in SF and going around there.  My grandson, Ryan (7) always wants ME to be there for his school's parade so I'm headed up to SF for a half hour parade!  Oh well.  I'm listening to a good book on tape.

Here are my 4 grandkids this weekend, helping me wash my car.  The weather was gorgeous.  Little Eli will be a year in 3 weeks and he is already walking!  The driveway's slant makes it hard for him to do it by himself so his mom is helping him.    I bought three brushes for the kids at Harbor Freight so they each have their own to scrub away on our cars.  Something they definitely don't do in SF! Oh and walking around barefoot is another activity they enjoy at my house.


  1. Beautiful blocks and quilt. Those UFOs, I also have so many, lol. Cute grandkids photo. So glad you all had a fun time washing the cars :)

  2. Is that the leader/ender project Bonnie just recently finished? I'll bet that was fun to discover you could cut so many triangles so quickly! :)
    I like 25 patch blocks, but I have no idea what to suggest with them. Do you want a large quilt, or just a throw size? You could set them on point with a matching print between blocks.
    A great shot of all the grandkids. Little Eli is at such a fun age.
    You are such a dedicated grandma. I only have to drive about 7 miles to visit most of my grandkids.

  3. I remember trying to get that border to fit. It's so colorful. Why not just add a couple of narrow strips to the ends to lengthen it rather that fiddling with the seams, especially if you had gotten the squares on point to match up.

  4. what a bunch of cuties! And the grand kids are pretty cute too!

  5. You have some great projects going there--what cute grands you the little guy's hat--so cute...hugs, Julierose

  6. Love all your projects. What about putting triangles on your 25 patch blocks to make sq in a sq block. Use pinks and greys for secondary design. Such cute kids, safe travels

  7. I loved Bonnie's hourglass quilt finish and have been kicking myself for not doing it. Great idea to cut the triangles with the die--I may have to dig mine out! Mount Mellick is looking beautiful--I agree with Kyle to just make it work
    with some added pieces. I'm trying to finish up my Mrs. Billings top and it's always a "hold your breath" moment when adding the next round--lol!

  8. Love your rendition of Mount Mellick. To bad for the short borders. Just a few adjustments should do the trick though. Your new leader-ender sounds like fun. Enjoy the grandkids! ;^)