Wednesday, October 25, 2017

quick catch up

I'm back from France, after a great trip. I still have more pictures to share but I really wanted to check in on your mug-rugs... I hope everyone received theirs and was happy with theirs!  Please let me know if you have any comments (or maybe you didn't get yours?? that happened with the pin cushion swap last year, believe it or not!)...  THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  I think it was great fun and everyone I heard from has just loved what they received.

Here is what I received from Janet Dickson.  She made hers using the Singer 301 she bought from me recently!

I will quickly show you a couple more eye glass windows from Paris. The translation is glasses for the swimming pool! (prescription goggles!)

 My friend Claire is on her way so I need to get ready to do some sewing, finally!

I think these are prescription diving masks!  As I said before, Paris has eyeglass stores on every single block, and some have the most elaborate displays. 

 Paris also has fabulous florist shops everywhere.  These roses were on display in the street.  Aren't the colors lovely?  And inspiring!  All the florist shops tempt you by displaying gorgeous flowers on the street in front of their shops!

 I have many more pictures to share which I promise to do tomorrow.  It's been a crazy week--right after we got back, we had the grandkids for the weekend;  then I got to spend a few hours with the darling baby Eli (turning a year next month, already WALKING) so it's been pretty busy.


  1. The mug rug is adorable. Wonderful photos from France. So glad you had a fun and safe trip :)

  2. How cute to get a mug rug made on the machine she bought from you. :)
    I got a kick out of the Lego heads for the eyeglasses.
    I am always so tempted by flowers from street vendors. Those roses are beautiful!

  3. Your mug rug is almost too sweet to put a mug on! Singer 301's are one of the best piecing machines I know, actually most of the older Singers made before 1960 do a fabulous job.

  4. I like the black fabric used in the basket block of the mug rug you received.

  5. You received an very cute mug rug ! Thank you again for this wonderful swap Randy !

  6. cute mug rug!
    i have prescription scuba goggles for snorkeling so I can see the fish. Worth it!

  7. Welcome home! Those glasses and goggles are great and so creative!

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