Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A little bit of progress

Remember that hourglass quilt I've been working on?  It's the one that Bonnie Hunter did for a leaders/ender project a few years ago?

Well, when Bonnie was visiting me recently I showed her my project.  I had changed her colors but she was excited about it, as was I.

I brought it up to Oregon and finally got another border on.  of course I hadn't realized that I sewed on one small side before sewing a whole extra set of hourglass blocks.  Oh well.

My husband and I have spent the past 10 days at our cabin in Oregon, trying to take care of honeydo type things and checking on my mom.  Yesterday, finally, it warmed up, for the first time.  Enough for us to sit out on my new patio furniture and enjoy the sunset (yes, and a cocktail).  Here's Max sitting with us!

I had forgotten Max's arthritis medicine in California, as I told you.  We figured it would be smart to get a local vet here in Sunriver so today I took him for his first appointment.  
What a difference!  The new (and very young) vet checked everything;  he's had a small lump back by his left leg and she aspirated it -- called me later to tell me it's a type of mast cell cancer which needs to be removed.  OMG.  Aren't we happy that we took him to another vet and got another opinion?  Our usual vet had felt it and was indifferent as to whether we removed it or not.  Never mentioned the possibility of it being cancer nor suggested we test it.  So now we need to decide if we're going to do it in California or up in Sunriver.  I'm inclined to go with the new vet in Oregon...

Anyway, now there's something else to be concerned with.  My poor Max. ;-(


  1. Just a stunning hourglass quilt--love the colors--great work on this one hugs, Julierose P.S. Max is so adorable...;)))

  2. Thank goodness you found a new vet! Good luck Max! Love the hourglass quilt. Such a satisfying pattern. Beautiful colors. I have been unplugged for a week and need to get back to blog reading!

  3. Gotta go with your gut! I think the vet here makes sense.
    Yes, it was warmish yesterday!!

  4. Glad you have been able to get away for a few days. The hour glass quilt is coming nicely! I'd go with the new vet for Max's surgery. A new vet was the one who found the cancer in our last dog. She was very young, just graduated and being very careful in her exam. We chose not to treat it because of his age and the type of cancer but it was good to know what was going on.

  5. Wonderful progress on your hourglass quilt. So glad you forgot Max's meds!

  6. Love the hourglass quilt!
    I'd go with the vet that cared!!

  7. How is your mom doing at her new "home"?