Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My doll quilt

I received in mail a most adorable little doll quilt made in England and sent to me by Sue Phillips!  It's really sweet and she hand quilted it, too.  She enclosed two great Jo Morton fabrics and some chocolate, which you'll note is not in the picture...hmmm, where could it have gone?? VBG

This little swap is such a fun project to participate in.  Thanks to Lori (humblequilts) for organizing it once again!

I'm happy to also report that on our drive to and from Oregon, I worked on my  Primitive Gatherings freebie project from last summer.  I figured it's time to get it done (the main project I did is awaiting a million tiny half square triangles to be sewn and attached...).  I think I've shown you some of the blocks.  Here are the other ones I've done.  Hopefully not duplicates... You'll note that my applique is pretty rudimentary. Kind of primitive but I'm not really bothered by it.  No one will notice when it's all together.

No, the tree is not supposed to be bent over...but it was windy in this neighborhood.  (Hahaha).

Roof is crooked and chimney isn't built onto the roof very well!  VBG

The pieces are so tiny that I lost a window in transit... the last two windows (which were missing) need to be sewn down, next time I take up the project!

I think these bushes need something (some texture?)... and the roof is similarly crooked.  What terrible carpentry!!

I have 7 or 8 sewn down;  two more have been prepped and ready for sewing.  That means only two more to prep and sew.

The finishing pack is just adorable.  It will be an adorable quilt when done.  And I'm almost ready to start thinking about putting it together...
Wool applique is really fun and I enjoy playing around with different threads that don't always match.  It's just a big bag of things to shlep around.  Not a project to take on a plane, that's for sure.


  1. charming doll quilt and wonderful wool blocks! you can always add french knot berries :)

  2. Just lovely blocks--I like how they sway in the wind and lean over (as we older folk do!!hahaha ) So adorable. Nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. Your swap quilt is so sweet--lucky you! I think your little houses are pretty cute and the leaning trees just add character--charming!

  4. What a sweet little quilt! I do wonder where that chocolate went! I love your little blocks. I keep thinking you will inspire me to pick up some of my wool and get busy, but .... I love the whimsical way wool seems to take on its own shape. Windy indeed!

  5. You may not be trying, but your wool applique is so charming. What a wonderful swap quilt, definitely a treasure.

  6. The doll quilt is adorable and I love your little houses just as they are! Great job Randy!

  7. You received a great little quilt in the swap!
    Chocolate seems to be very camera shy--never sticks around for photos when I receive it, either. :)
    Cute, cute houses. I like Barb's idea of French knot berries on your bushes.

  8. I love those wool blocks. The windy tree is perfect. My favorite is the house with the pink roses in front.

  9. What a charming quilt this is going to make! I love it!

  10. Just lovely blocks--I like how they sway in the wind and lean over (as we older folk do!!hahaha ) So adorable. Nice work hugs, Julierose