Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Moving along slowly

You might remember that I started working on the Quiltmania mystery from 2014.  I must admit that i got stuck on the corners of one round, which was supposed to have tiny tiny hexies.  I struggled, got nowhere and finally decided to switch it up.  I found a lovely flower in a strip I had been wanting to use.

Once it's done, I don't think it'll be apparent that I substituted something in the corners!

And I also finally did a little handwork on our drive up to Sunriver.  Picked up my Primitive Gatherings from last summer... Better get going.  I think the new project will be released in a few months.  I really do enjoy wool applique; and once you get all the prep work done, it goes pretty quickly.  I added a chimney to this house, as I thought it looked a little naked!!

Last night I sewed the last of the Triangle Gatherings papers together and now just need to cut them apart and resew them to the final 8 patterns I've got left to do.  Progress!!!

Last but not least, here's Max.  Max is 9 and is having some arthritis issues.  We got a very strong medication from our vet for him, which seemed to be working very well.  Then I packed a bag with his stuff (etc) and LEFT it in the kitchen on our way to Sunriver.  UGH.  Try getting vet medicine replaced.  I did learn something:  Costco carries vet medicine;  problem is that my vet isn't licensed in Oregon so couldn't call ion the prescription.  Well, Max is going to get a local vet this week so we don't have this problem again... especially with him getting older.  We had to buy a RAMP for him to get into the car as he's no longer able to jump into the back. SAD...  Hope it works!


  1. What a gorgeous medallion!! Love it...poor baby doggie!!

  2. Nice to see your Mountmellick again...make this quilt your own with unique touches. I screwed up on that gorgeous Dutch chintz that we got and did not cut it efficiently so winged it in the next worked. Your Max looks so sweet and hope his meds continue to work. Our oldest sheltie needs to be picked up and placed in the truck - it is what we do for our fur babies.

  3. Your medallion looks wonderful. I think the flowers fit nicely in the corners.
    Every naked house needs a chimney. LOL
    That is a face to melt your heart. I'm glad Max has such caring owners.

  4. Keep working on your medallion. Your corner substitution is great. No one will be the wiser.

  5. Poor little dog... give him a hug for me please !
    Your medallion is very sweet !!

  6. I don't think anyone will look twice that you changed up the corners. Nothing wrong with making the quilt the way you want to!
    Our dog has been on arthritis meds since his leg surgeries and he does very well. I hope Max continues to be active!

  7. Lovely it done in broderie perse? I like those flower corners a lot...they mirror the central flowers beautifully...Nice choice hugs, Julierose

  8. Love your medallion ! The corners are perfect because they reflect the flowers in the center. I like the addition of the chimney. It's called making the quilt your own.
    Maxis darling. Both our German Shepherds were on arthritis meds before they passed. They helped quite a bit. I still miss them every day. 😢

  9. Your medallion is beautiful - I'm working up courage to try a Quiltmania mystery! In addition to the ramp, you might want to check out the "help 'em up" harness for sweet Max. I got one for my Swissy when she started to have trouble with movement and it worked wonderful for us.

  10. I think the fussy cut flower corners was a good solution to your tiny hexagon corners problem. I would have done the same thing.