Sunday, April 15, 2018

Doll quilt swap sent and received etc

I participated in Lori's (humblequilts) doll quilt swap and managed to get my quilt in the mail and got it delivered weeks before the deadline.  Amazing for me!  I did forget to snap a picture and enclose a card...but heck... I got it done.

Robin Boggan was kind enough to send me a picture of the quilt.  I'm delighted that she liked it. Sewing thimbles is no small feat, especially for someone as inaccurate as me.  And sewing small ones?  Don't look too closely!! I made this using the Primitive Gatherings tiny template. They might be 2".    Since then I've bought different templates for different size thimbles.  I even bought a die for my Accuquilt but have yet to use it.  I think thimbles are really fun to look at and I've seen some awesome quilts.  I think I recently saw one using homespuns, which was awesome.

This is also going to be my April mini-, per Wendy Reed (ConstantQuilter)!  She said it was ok and that's good enough for me!

I also finished my basket quilt (Bea et Cecile Quiltalong) and because of the deadline today (and the fact that I forgot to take it with me to Oregon to quilt), I took it to a new local longarm quilter nearby and he did a fabulous job!  I'm very pleased with the result.  At first, I wasn't really fond of it.  But now I'm liking it!  I think I'll add it to my wall of small quilts!

And  for the backing, I used up some fabric and blocks I hadn't been very fond of either.  In hindsight, I could've made the quilt smaller and included the baskets on the back in the total calculation (needed 16 blocks) but it's ok...

Remember I made little Emma the Frozen quilt?  Well, little Jack (4) wanted a Thomas quilt so I found some fabric at Joann's in Bend and we worked on it this weekend.  Little Jack sat next to me at my machine; I had the foot pedal on a stool and he'd operate the pedal as well as the scissor button.  Now I just need to quilt it.  I am happy with the pattern.  I found it in a book of Nine-Patch quilts.  Seemed really simple.  Blocks are 6" finished.

This is a week with lots of grandkid time.  I am actually getting little Eli for most of tomorrow (first time!!) as his mom is going to run some errands and will drop him off in the morning!  We had the 3 this weekend;  I wound up keeping the oldest one (8) because the principal at his school passed away from cancer this week and he's having trouble understanding this so I offered to have him stay with me (school is out tomorrow because of the funeral)-- he and I are going to make a quilt for her family!  He's very excited to be the only one here.


  1. I love your mini thimble quilt...but that basket quilt just speaks to me! Great finishes!!

  2. cute dolly quilt and wonderful basket quilt sampler!
    The Thomas will be well loved.

  3. You have been busy. Your swap quilt is delightful. I can see where tiny thimbles wouldn't be very easy. It's a lovely finish. The basket quilt is fun and charming all rolled into one and So is the back!

  4. Adding in the pieced blocks on the back of the basket quilt makes it a two sided quilt. I like both sides.

  5. Such a sweet quilt for jack!! I'm sure he'll love it.
    The thimble quilt turned out great. How is it quilted?

  6. Wow, those parallel vertical lines are just the ticket! And it will look great on your sewing room wall!
    Thomas the Tank quilt is fun! Jack must have had a lot of fun with grandma, too!

  7. As usual, love your finishes - especially the creativity in your basket quilt - both front and back! And what a cute Thomas quilt....admire how you let your grandson "drive" the sewing machine!

  8. Your swap (And April mini!) quilt is amazing. All those little tumblers - how ambitious! I still love your basket quilt best. It really is sensational! So happy to hear Jack wanted a quilt too. Sorry about Ryan's principal. It is great that you can help him work through this. It is so hard for kids to understand. Have fun with Eli!!

  9. I read your blog all the time. I did not put two and two together. My doll quilt is so wonderful! Love your basket quilt!

  10. What a fun little doll quilt. I love tumblers, or thimbles, or whatever you want to call the shape. :) I have collected acrylic templates for them in many sizes, as well. But you used one of the smallest to make your doll quilt, and I know how long it takes to sew that many together. Good job!
    Your basket quilt turned out so well. I can't believe how you were able to make all those orphaned baskets look like they were meant to go together.
    Cute Thomas The Train quilt.
    Who wouldn't be excited to have grandma all to themselves?

  11. So much eye candy! Love the thimbles! The baskets turned out great as I thought they would. The back is perfect ! Jacks quilt is darling!

  12. The quilt for Jack is sooo sweet and I'm pretty sure he will love it !
    Your doll quilt is beautiful !
    And your basket quilt ...ahhh so amazing ! I will send to you your spools tomorrow ! Congratulations Randy !

  13. Wow, those parallel vertical lines are just the ticket! And it will look great on your sewing room wall!