Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A healing quilt and more blocks

A woman I used to work with was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and I wanted to send her a quilt, to see her through her chemo.  I found this older quilt that has been folded up for years.  I thope she'll like it, even though it's a bit ancient!

The back was pieced from lots of scraps:

I also made a few more of those Bonnie addictive blocks.  That's not the name, of course;  that's what I call them. They take just a little time to prep but piecing them together takes maybe 5 minutes!

It's really fun to fussy cut the centers!  The flying geese fabric is from a friend's stash that she was liquidating about 6 yrs ago.  I'm happy that I can remember the source of some of my fabric, honestly!  Sometimes. ;-)

The center of this block is not pieced;  it's a Cotton and Steel fabric that I picked up in Maine last summer when I was visiting Wendy Reed.  They had it used in a border, which was very dramatic.  I've been waiting hoarding it until I decided what great use to make of it.  I only cut out a small square!

The center raccoon is a Tula Pink fabric.

Isn't this fun??

Back to California tomorrow for weekend babysitting!  YEAH!!

My mom is having a better week. She promised us no more trips to the Dollar Store (she thinks my husband's warnings are much more serious than mine!!  But oh well...whatever works!).   Thanks for your concern!


  1. Your addictive blocks are clever. Glad your mom is listening.

  2. Love your tile blocks! I haven't made any!
    So glad to hear your mom is having a better week! I'm not surprised your mom listens to your husband. My dad lived with us for about a year and a half and would listen to my husband but me.....ha! Canbe frustrating but just keep smiling!😃😃

  3. She will just love that quilt, guaranteed!! Love your Bonnie addictive blocks...I found some of the magazines at Joann's, and will be giving them away. Hope your mom stays safe and happy.

  4. Who wouldn't love that quilt?
    I am thinking you are having way too much fun with those little blocks. The racoon is especially cute! :)

  5. I believe you picked the perfect quilt for your friend. It's made with love and patience and it has aged to perfect. It look so calming and cuddly. Yep, it's perfect.
    Love your raccoon tile block. Sooooo cute. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Im sure your friend will appreciate the quilt regardless of how long you've had it.
    The blocks are really cute!

  7. Can't wait until I've quilted enough to have something as beautiful as the quilt you are sending to your friend in my stash (i.e. "been folded up for years")!! There is nothing like something handmade by a friend to give comfort.

  8. I hope your friend does well with her treatments. My husband had non-hodgkin's lymphoma. The quilt will be loved.

  9. What a sweet thing to do. I'm guessing she will love it! Love you Bonnie blocks. I remember when you bought that Cotton and Steel fabric. Love the Tula Pink raccoon!

  10. What a lovely gift...having cancer is the pits but this will certainly cheer her.
    Your little fussy cut blocks are adorable.....waiting for that issue to go electronic because I sure can't find it around here! Happy Sewing