Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

This seems like the perfect day for me to finally make a post on my blog.  Who knows where the time has gone, in a good way?  I have complaints (well, other than the usual ones...).

We had a fabulous day.  We had our grandkids over the weekend.  My grandson Ryan, who is 8, has been sewing up a storm.  He finished a bag for my daughter's friend this weekend (a project he's been working on for weeks).  He used charm squares, variegated threads, both my Juki and Janome, adorable cherry fabric for the lining.  I told him to make sure to get a picture of him with the woman and the bag!  [note we took the grandkids back to their house in SF;  when I came home, I found my little iron FACE DOWN on my pressing table.   Ryan needs to remember to TURN OFF the IRON!!) VBG

Here is a picture of me, my husband and our 4 grandkids.  Who wouldn't feel blessed??  Little Emma hates being in pictures... Can you tell?? vbg  
And, by the way, this is what San Francisco looks like.  And can you stand little Eli's tummy?? 

What have I been doing?  I finally finished ALL the 98 triangle gathering blocks!  YEAH!  Now to set them... Note that I didn't have an iron out to press these (I was in Hawaii for a quick trip and didn't bother with pressing)...   Read on for the story of my bobbin case breaking... UGH

What an enormous project.  Who knew, when I started, that it'd be 98 blocks?  My blocks are an odd size... 7" finished!!   I have gone back and forth on settings.  My latest idea is to just sash them and use bright setting squares.  Stay tuned.

so the story of my machine in Hawaii?
I bought a machine 10 yrs ago when we remodeled this condo that we purchased.  I only use it once every six months, when I go but every time it purrs.  This time, for an unknown reason, I decided it was time ti clean it and I took apart the bobbin area.  Went to put it back together and the bobbin case wouldn't stay put.  Thank goodness for the internet, Youtube and Google!  I realized my bobbin case was missing the little hook that slips into the little opening.  I was so lucky that I found one in Lihue and was able to replace it for all of $2.75.  I was ready to buy a machine and return in before I left!

The good news is that I found out that my little Kenmore machine, Less than $150, was made by Janome!! WHOOHOO.  Of course I didn't take a picture of the broken part.  But who ever heard of a bobbin case BREAKING???!!!

Anyway, we had a great mother's day.  I hope you did too, however you choose to celebrate it.  Even caring for animals makes you a mom, in my book!  (or a husband, for that matter!!).

Promise to post more the rest of the month.  Heading up to the cabin tomorrow for about 10 days...need to check on my mom!


  1. You certainly have been busy. It's a lovely photo of all of the grands and you two. Yea, for the Internet and how to fix things. Glad you got your machine fixed easily. I'm betting you're one of the few who stuck with it and made the 98 blocks!

  2. Glad to hear from you again! I've missed reading about your adventures and accomplishments and hoping the quiet was due to happy reasons! Your Triangle Gathering Blocks are going to make a great quilt and I can't wait to see it! Sashing sounds like a good way to set them off. Love the family photo. Emma will laugh at these photos when she's grown. Have a great trip to the cabin. Hoping your Mom continues to do well

  3. What a great photo! Looks like you had a super Mother's Day. Have a great time at the cabin. Glad you were able to fix your HI machine. I'm afraid my machines don't recognize me any more. Things will slow down a bit next month!

  4. Congrats on finishing all those blocks! How fun to spend time with those sweet kiddos. Like you said, I'm a dog mom and got lots of outside time with her yesterday doing potty training. Not the perfect Mother's Day, but it was fun as we had a good day with only one "accident"--lol!

  5. Adorable picture of you with your grandkids - love the tummy! I was with my oldest granddaughter, who is married. I didn't expect it, but I was very happy to have her with us (hubby, son (GDs dad) and borrowed grandson (long story). Good for you doing all those blocks. I'm behind on the Moda blockhead blocks, but plan to catch up this summer, hopefully.

  6. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!
    Kudos to you for sticking with it and getting ALL of those 98 blocks made.
    Very lucky that you found the part you needed to get your machine working again!

  7. Belated Mom's Day to you my friend. Love, love, LOVE that little tummy poking out in your picture. Your grans are BEAUTIFUL ... cherish each time with them because they grow SO fast ;-) This was a difficult Mom's Day for me ... mine passed a year ago today ... but ... I "celebrated" her day by surrounding myself in quiet and natural beauty outside and remembering all the GREAT times we had together. I felt her presence and had some peace. Hugs to you!! Linda